Top 15 Farming Games like Harvest Moon

There is an awesome farming game called Harvest Moon on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is actually the best one which has received good reviews and appreciations from the worldwide gamers. It’s always considered as the best farming simulation game. Usually, if we are bored we used to look for some new interesting games or series to revitalize ourselves. In that case, we are here with some of the games which are more like Harvest moon covering from top to bottom. So please find the below 15 games which are similar to Harvest Moon from which you can pick the one which is comfortable for you.

  1. Voodoo Garden

Here we have a game called Voodoo Garden which is not only meant to do normal farming like growing fruits, veggies instead it is to grow all the herbs, fruits, shrubs and veggies which is further made use to cultivate supernatural accessories. Here the interesting thing is during product making there comes marshland animals for your voodoo magic.

There is one funny option, we can create pet animals which are used as our companion later they are being abandoned to gain some bonus or magical advantages. Therefore one can learn to create some awesome voodoo magic in this farming game.

  1. Stardew Valley

There is one game which is a very close resemblance to Harvest Moon in terms of Gameplay and graphics then it is none other than Stardew Valley. This game offers even more options and ways than the Harvest Moon where one can enjoy by growing crows, raise poultry and all those farming activities that you desire to do.

Harvest Moon formula has been taken to w totally new great level and even explore furthermore on it. Stardew Calley is actually a new alternative in other words more similar to Harvest moon at this current time. So we suggest going with Stardew Valley apk.

  1. Plantera

Another Farming game is Plantera here too we can grow plants, trees and raise animals simultaneously. The good thing here is we ourself can do harvesting and plucking or even we can advise our helpers to do so and meanwhile you can improve and build your farmings with better crops. The game has attractive graphics which makes the players play for long hours without boring.

We need to expand the garden which will grab the helpers attention so that they will help us in farming, planting and harvesting the crops. If we are busy and quit the game for a while during that time our helpers will keep on playing the game and we will get gold after we resume the game. People who love to see the cute graphics should really go for this game try.

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  1. Wayward

Wayward a game of mixtures combining Minecraft, Ultima Online, Don’t starve and a little bit of Harvest Moon. It’s like good for nothing game where we need to fabricate items and collect the related information so as to make our character survive. Here all depends on how one plays the game, here one cannot set rules, or choose any sections or complete any game levels.

If a person who likes to play the game while creating their own characters mixed then definitely one has to go for it. Over 300 different items are available to fabricate and mingle which will increase your game playing time.

  1. Terraria

Through old vintage graphics, one can create, find, fight and dig your way, this is not completely duplicating farming. Fabricating fa ew features of Minecraft mixed with few actors playing roles one can enjoy the action-packed adventures game by collecting the sources and creating the characters.

It’s all about finding dangerous tunnels overloaded with valuable things and resources comes with the new items created for your inventory. Here action-adventure part comes in the second part but the main game is creating and building. Terraria is a mesmeric game that will lead you to an interesting game.

  1. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia will offer charming and mesmeric world called Portia in which one can create task replacing their neglected workshop. this is more like a Harvest Moon. Therefore to do so one has to pay their pennies, grow crops and raise animals. At the beginning of the game, one can feel a little bit weird playing but later when they get in then they never come out.

H ere we can add residents of Portia where it is full of rich community, this will help one to finish the task quickly and replace your workshop. It all depends on one’s playing style that one can actually get various options to boost up their character level and its skill for creating, combat and other social skills.

  1. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is another awesome Harvest Moon which intelligently introduces the features from the good of nothing genres of games into duplicating of farming. The concept behind this game is shopkeepers will be a normal person selling the items in the shops during day time whereas he turns to a hero during the right.

This is more like an adventure game where one has to give equal opportunities to both his characters and play efficiently so that both the characters are benefitted equally. So in general one can earn as a shopper by selling the goods collected in the underground cell and use the gold you earn to get good tools that will help in clearing the dungeons more efficiently.

  1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal crossing is just not duplicate farming instead it is a full package of duplicating life in the way one wishes. So to start with it one should be a counselor or a president of a small town where the tourists are coming rarely. So the main duty of the player is to convert the city into a beautiful promised land which attracts the people to visit in large numbers. We have to set the conditions and regulations which have to implemented in the town so as to develop the place into a tourist spot.

T here is a power tool by which you can create or build new buildings, landmarks, museums, bridges, public centers and other good luxury infrastructures which adds the value for that town. Here all you create looks very cute and pleasant in the graphic forms and even managed to make it pleasing in the tourist’s eyes. There is an option to invite our friend so that we can show off the town created by us and enjoy the moment using a multiplayer tool.

  1. Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

Yonder: The cloud catcher chronicles is a mixture of two games say Breath of the wild and Harvest Moon. Where the player has to perfectly blend the concepts of both games relaxing the open-world adventure and duplicating farming. This game is a perfect amalgam of two games.

The features of the game are one can bring to light a ton of new things like role-playing game characters by encouraging to create new buildings along with farming. there are two choices for the player i) player can go along the hunt pop up where ever it takes you or ii) we can spend going to the open world without having a pressure to finish the mission quickly.

The best portion of this game is, it keeps on shuffling according to the seasons. This, in turn, makes more interesting and attractive for the users to play and have fun.

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  1. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Next in line to Harvest Moon game is the Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. This is a clarified version of the older games. So it is always great looking for this game as an alternative to Harvest Moon. The theme of the game is one has to begin the game as a fresher in farming and moving on to a successful farmer in producing the crops from the plots.

This is not like other farming game which takes a long time in growing crops, this is a faster game which makes the players more enthusiastic to play by not waiting too long. This is a good alternative for anyone who is looking for faster farming games.

  1. Staxel

If the player enjoys playing the Minecraft and Harvest Moon game then we guarantee that they will also definitely like these role-playing games with a world like them and social aspects like Harvest Moon.

This also a game which can be played faster than other games, so if one is looking to play the games faster and not to wait so long then they can go to taxes for sure. Another reason for the liking is this game offers more content than other games on our list due to its role-playing game characters.

  1. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is fun and uplifting game exactly an opposite to the Harvest Moon series and other duplicate farming games. The game is titled with an anti adventure name and needs the players to pick up the trash in an alien bazaar.

The game is started as a Janitor who will have a duty of cremating the trashes but leaving the plant of Xabran’s rock behind. Here there are so many other tasks to be completed instead of farming, upon completing it in the right way will be helpful for making your dream come true.

  1. Hay Day

There is a famous game which is similar to FarmVille that shares almost all similarities called hay day. It’s actually a mobile farming game. Here this is not like starting with new farming, there will be an old land handled so far by your uncle and now taken over by the player to take care of his farm on behalf of him. So the duty of the player is to take care of it better than the uncle and need to make it no. one in the world.

So now after a small introduction, we go on to the game. Here the player has to do the following things like taking the ducks for fishing, harvesting wheat, trade goods with your neighbors and sells them in the town nearby. There is one more option of creating our own town and we can invite our friends to visit them. It’s all about Taking care of your inventory.

Here the main motive is to sell the goods, stuffs via trucks, boats, and shops which is a different uniqueness of the game other than farming. Therefore if anyone is looking for the quick farming fix then they can opt for the Hay Day game.

  1. World’s Dawn

Here we are going to see a different game which is totally in a pleasant look. If one is interested to have a peaceful life in seashore villages where one has to grow there own food and live a pleasant life which is full and fully surrounded by natural beauty.

In that case, a player can go for World’s Dawn, it provides all in a single game. Here there is no particular option one can either become a farmer or raise animals. There are no restrictions to do our own work. This is actually the best alternative game to Harvest moon.

Here one can go hunting some romantic relationships too, which makes them more interesting. Here there is more extra features and tools for making it further impressive than Harvest Moon.

  1. Don’t Starve Together

The current existent game is Don’t starve Together which is quite popular among all. this is another great alternative game to Harvest Moon where it has both the blend to be a farming simulator and survival game. But the only drawback about this game is it is not so exciting like Harvest Moon, this is more of Dull and muted.

Prior to the game, this is more like an adventurous survival title where one has to do everything where ever the game takes so as to survive in the game. One can even create items, locate the environment, gathers information and build structures to live in the desolate lands of Don’t starve Together.


We have actually given the best article covering almost all the games which are similar to the Harvest Moon. If anyone finds we have missed some of it can surely feel free to mention them in our comment box.

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