Next Update is 0.15 – Saturday January 1st
5 Days till release

26th December- Mappers news Here as promised is a Battlecraft list and cfg file. It includes all the new additions in TGW 0.15, have fun.

28th December- Rolls Royce Armoured Car Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to announce and show off our latest completed vehicle.
Rolls Royce Armoured Car
Model by “your truly” and another superb Skin by “Stuka”

28th December – AI and co-op / Mappers / 56K / Testers In the next release ALL OUR MAPS will have AI and co-op support. Carey Bear has been doing a great job. We’re also gonna release a “Special” map pack of his converted BF42 maps as well…. Mappers.. Coming very soon, even before the release, we’re gonna release a BC list and cfg file for ya. It will include all the new stuff in 0.15 56K… If your unfortunate enough to only have 56k and would like us to release a special download version for you guys. We can break up the build into chunks of around 20 or so Meg. Email me and if there enough demand I’ll do it for ya. Testers – To make sure we don’t have problems like we did with the very first release, I’m looking for a few more testers. Preferably guys that encountered the problems with the Mk4 tanks crashing the game. Email me ASAP and I’ll get you the info to try out the new 0.15 Build before anyone else.
30th December- Central Powers Vehicle Round up PS We’re still in need of a UK/Euro server, if you can help please contact me asap Here’s a wee reminder to all those who think TGW is just about the planes. I got the whole CP army together on a desert Island for a wee photo shoot. Trench Mortar Big Bertha Heavy Artillery Maxim MG German 76mm Artillery Mercedes Staff Car Mercedes Car with MG Daimler Alz Supply truck Erndhardt Armoured Car MGM Armoured Car Captured Renault Tank A7V Heavy Tank Captured British Mk4 Heavy Tank
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