Strategies in Dragon City to Excel like Daenerys Targaryen

We are going to see about a game where it is covered with tons of Dragons that fight, grow and reproduce in the thrilling battles which are named a Dragon city. This game is a fun-filled one and available on Android, Facebook, and iOS. This game provides the players with so many offers and various options that will make you inspired especially for those who are beginners.

So here we are providing a few tips which will help you all to start with the correct steps in this Dragon City game.

The basic thing in this game is Farmhouse

The dragons are withstood by crops that are if they are given a proper feed they develop and raise levels and more influential species. One will receive more gold by growing more no. of dragons in your farmhouse.

Spend in Farms

Initially try to create as much as farms you can raise once your stage upgrades then you can construct a large farm or even upgrade/ expand the already existing farms. One thing which should be given importance all the time is we need to be sure that our lively farms keep producing resources.

Empty all the land

Besides carrying out your default actions within the area and you should keep reminding yourself to empty the untenanted land. To clear it, we need to press any one of the options such as trees, bushes, and rocks. The clearing is not free it involves a few amounts but doing so is value for it because all these will add your experience with marginal effort.

Before you start constructing try to estimate each type of habitat

The place where we keep our dragons is called habitats. Before you begin with the construction one needs to examine them very wisely because each dragon type will have their advantages and disadvantages.

We have a chart containing various points which tell about the number of dragons one can tolerate, the building level required, various types of environments, how much amount of gold it can produce to the maximum, cost in gold, the total sum of experience they can give and merge time/ friends.

In general, it is always better to concentrate first on building many seas, Flame and Nature environments rather than Terra habitats.

Research with breeding dragons

The main concept of this game Dragon City is cross-breeding various species of dragons. To get a result of various dragon species we need to mix two specific types of dragon that should be made several times. For easy understanding combining a Flame dragon with Terra dragon will produce a Flaming rock dragon or a Volcano dragon.

Also, dragons can be combined which results in producing a unique and strange species. Or else we will get the same kind of species as before.

One should not stop trying it, need to keep moving forward to get various species of dragons. The concept is not only producing various species as much as possible and earn you gold which will come within reach.

Direct the struggling method

Other than constructing and farming your city which is the main feature of Dragon City, one more aim is the Pokemon fighting style.

In this second theme, we need to put effort to build a balanced new team containing various kinds of dragons. One can even change their dragons while the war is taking place but it will lose a turn from your account.

We can notice the different kinds of attack our dragons can perform, every dragon has its uses depending upon the dragon with which you are struggling. We need to thank the Wikia for providing us to select the dragon types we need to use.


For example, we can keep your opposite player as the defender and yourself as an attacker. Now find out what type of dragon your opposite member has, and then we need to find what kind of attacks we need to utilize which will result in heavy damage on the opponent dragon. So these techniques are easily understood once you start playing the game a few times, then later these techniques will be by heart for you and no need to check for the chart.

If you are not able to win any single game then there is nothing to worry because we need to assume that still our dragons’ level is not raised too high. So to make their level high try feeding them more and well automatically we can find ourselves winning many battles in seconds.

Get gems without investing money

In Dragon City the color of gems that we receive in the form of currency is Purple. In general, there are 7 different ways to acquire them free of cost.

  • Whenever we raise to a higher level we will receive a gem.
  • By claiming your daily bonus one can get loads of free gems.
  • Every Monday, there is an extraordinary remuneration which will permit you to get the bonus gems.
  • Participating in the surveys or promotions existing inside the game.
  • One can get 5 jewels if we Invite friends for playing the game and on every friend request acceptance, we receive it.
  • Form a Dragon Stadium and push your species to participate in the battle. You earn a few gems and money for every tournament you clench.

Do not forget to collect all the rewards

Before we conclude, we need to suggest a point, fix a farm to grow crops for the extreme amount of time to gather the gold from all the environments, even though you are not able to view the icon. So to perform this we need to personally go to every habitat and choose the option which shows Collect.

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Mother of the Dragons: Change over Daenerys Targaryen

After going through the various default policies of Dragon City, you might be feeling a little bit confident, so deliberately maximize your resources and time. Therefore research with the various features of the game like fighting, breeding, and constructions. So within a few seconds, you will surprisingly find yourselves created a reliable Dragon Empire.

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