Prime Day: Mario Kart Live Gets Big Price Cut

Mario Kart has long been one of Nintendo’s best games to play on your TV, and as of recently, outside of it as well. Amazon Prime Day deals are currently in full swing, and one of the best discounts you can find right now is a massive 25% savings on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit that drops the price down from $100 to $75.

If you missed out on all the buzz when it first came out, Mario Kart Live is the Nintendo go-karting experience in your living room, as the package comes with an actual kart that you can control. Seated inside is either Mario or his brother Luigi, with their movements remote-controlled via a Switch app.

Once you’ve got the kart all synced up, all you have to do is create a course using the included cardboard markers, designing anything shape that you can think of. Even better, this little kart drives like the wind, easily able to do a blistering lap around the tight corners of your custom course, and outrun an average household cat. Or terrorize them, but we don’t recommend doing that.

“It’s a genuinely impressive conceit, the same kind of technological sleight of hand that made the company’s various Labo kits–which combine peripherals you fashion out of cardboard with the Switch hardware–seem so mystifying when they were unveiled,” critic Kevin Knezevic wrote when Mario Kart Live first launched late last year.

If you also need a Switch to complete the setup, Amazon has Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals, as well as plenty of other Prime Day Nintendo deals.

from GameSpot – Game News

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