How to become a Pro Player In Bullet Force

Develop into an expert and healthier player In Bullet Force

This article was intentioned to be written because a lot of peoples are addicted a lot to this Bullet Force game. Here peoples who have attained maximum to 50+kills in a match and death less than 20 was contacted by most of the people. Here we are with a few tips and tricks to come out of rip off level.

For an easy understanding, we have used BF wherever Bullet Force comes in the entire article.

Tip 1 – Learn about the guns

Initially one has to find out which gun will be suitable for them to operate and also to learn about their merits and demerits.

There is a wide range of categories available in the BF.

  • Secondary weapons (includes mini launchers) and Launchers.
  • SMG (Submachine guns)
  • Assault rifles
  • Snipers

SMGs are acknowledged well among all due to its weightlessness and also they permit a smooth bombarding. These are considered to be great weapons especially inside a closed or close up battle like office and new map destruction. So here is the best SMG as per our surveys:

  • UMP
  • Mpx
  • Vector


Here there is another gun named Assault Rifles which is also suitable for closed places or small wide places and which is easily used on all maps. These are normally ok for the bombarding, except with MG4 and M60. So here we have few mighty assault weapons are:

  • AK47
  • Scar-H
  • Famas


If your goal towards the point to be shot is accurate then Snipers are the best one-shot kill monsters. These are good and suitable mostly for those who often make vacations except some quick scoping specialists. It contains:

  • CsLR4
  • M200
  • M40A5

We have seen the various weapons so now we will look into some important things.

Tip 2 – Perks

There is one additional facility for making us know about handling guns and better gameplay. Here we need to know the facilities available which are suitable for the right weapon. Therefore before using the sniper one must know the good facility grouping like:

  • Fast reload perk
  • Trigger finger(to enable your secondary weapons to shoot automatically)
  • Scope in faster
  • And swift hands

Bombardment can be used for assault

  • Faster stealing perk
  • FMJ(for better penetration)

We have mentioned all the above as an example and similar to this we have several facilities to be experimented with

Tip 2 – Progeny points should be known

In certain situations during the player dies, automatically he will be positioned to a certain area and even his team members will also be arrayed there. Therefore it is always good to know about this prior so that you are in the offspring area and get hit from behind. So by deliberately knowing the offspring area it helps us to plan our improved calculated movements and can assume where the enemy would come out from.

By playing the Conquest matches one can learn about the progeny points in a great way.

Tip 3 – Look for the opportunity (Scoop) if possible

By making use of Scope it will result in a position that will surely make your bullets hit the opponent. It’s always a flop that one should not a goal on the opponents by just assumption because it is useless most of the time, you will have to distribute your bullets in the air. Therefore Scope for the target and knockout perfectly.

Tip 4 – Headshots

The simplest method to succeed in a kill is Headshots. So here there are few guns which can result in a single headshot like mighty guns AK47, SCAR-H, MK11 whereas others kill with two or three at long range. Here we will know why Tip 3” Scope” is important because without scoping a target point it is not easy to kill the opponent in a single headshot.

Tip 5 – Camping/Don’t rush in

It is advisable that it is not good to rush towards the enemy progeny points always, So we should be standing in such a place that when they arrive out of there point and we will be able to kill them. So it is always good to find some best places where no one can find you and snipers are always the best camping weapons.

Tip 6 – During your approach towards corner target your hit mark indicator correctly

One has to be very alert and maintain your cursor targeting the entrance and move in slowly because if the enemy comes out suddenly it will be easy for us to attack them quickly. So it is always good to fix the cursor while entering a curve, corner or doorway.

Tip 7 – Reloading

One has to keep on reloading the cartridge whenever it gets over because after many kill our cartridge will be running low.

When you notice the enemy arriving we have to reload by running back and by doing that we will get time to target our cursor and assume from where the enemy will start attacking us and kill, this is one of the tips. So there will be a chance to even jump on them and kill the enemy if required.

Tip 8 – White sniper light

White light here refers to a rifleman, so whenever you notice a white light do not rush towards them or try to stand and shoot them. Instead, make a run towards different directions using your technical knowledge and divert them to kill. So to play BF these are the few tips.

Tip 9 – Throwables

Another tip is by using throwables, in BF there are a wide range of throwables starting from Grenades, flashbang, smokes, and shurikens ( note: this is for the nose). One of the most active to screen the enemy for a few seconds is Flashbangs, so by that time, we will be able to take him out.

Tip 10 – Gun extras

For those who have trouble with gun recoil, or wish to kill without grabbing the attention then get the silencer. But one drawback using silencer is it will reduce the firepower on a few weapons.

If you like the above tips for Bullet force, do not forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter. If you are lazy enough to follow all these tips, then do check out our other article on bullet force hack using which you can play with a lot of free credits and gold.

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