Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a well-known PC game for Android Devices.

All the original game features with easy controls are available in the Counter-Strike 1.6 APK. One can play it LAN with your friends or worldwide.

CS 1.6 Android Gameplay

Two or more groups are involved in this type of action-packed game naturally. The players are those with characters like a spectator, governmental counter-terrorist forces or terrorists in this type of game.

By simply eliminating all the enemy or by reaching the goals of the map, one can complete around by defeating the enemy in either of the methods. It is declared to be game over for the losing side when any one of the team kicks off in the round which is granted to one lifeline.

Totally 8 characters are available on each side i.e. each side will have four default characters. Each character has a boost mode. Those who are losing around, killing the enemy, hostage rescue, defusing or planting the bomb will be awarded for the wins.

Dead players automatically become “spectators” for the round on course. It is not possible to make it correct for all. Anyway, they will have the benefit of watching on. There will be survey progress of the team like name, the number of kills, bombs bearing and VIP’s status highlighted on the scoreboard. This is considered to be a major step.

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Player’s Arsenal

Knife or pistol is the weapon which is taken by the players during the beginning stage which is easily customizable and upgradeable.

Another good thing here is one has the opportunity to choose the weapons and bomb will also be carried by the Terrorist teams.

Features of Counter-Strike 1.6 APK

  • This game is easy to download & install
  • This CS 1.6 APK file is supported on all Android devices
  • Download for Free
  • Easy controls
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • No lag (Frames Per Second)
  • No Root Access Needed
  • It is Auto updated

Game objective

The game map is fully decided on the objectives. Activities like bomb defusing, assassinations, and, hostage rescue situations, etc are the most common ones.

Rescuing the Hostages

Those who are under the capture of radical rebels will need to be rescued by the counter-terrorist team.

The terrorists are considered to be the winner when the timer goes and the mission is not completed.

Defusing the Bomb

One bond which is not separable is none other than Bombs and terrorist teams. They will fulfill what all they need by planning it carefully and keeping out of the counter strike teams reach. They are considered to be the winner if the counter-terrorist teams deprive of arms.


VIP must be protected until they reach a particular destination point marked on the map who is considered to be a member of the counter strike team. So we need to protect him by not allowing the terrorist to kill the VIP, if they kill or the time gets over then they are considered to be the winner.

As its name implies the final key applied in the game to upgrade is “1.6” tag. There is no challenging levels, miscellaneous tips, fast rules or in-game communication in the games

How to install Counter-Strike APK on Android

The apk file is easy to install:

  1. Click on the download button below
  2. Wait for the file to download and then open it
  3. Install CS 1.6.apk file on your Android phone
  4. Follow the instructions provided inside
  5. Start the Game and Enjoy

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings
Conclusion: So those who are interested to play the best action game then please try Counter-Strike 1.6 Android right now.

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