Thanks for taking the time Kieran. Please introduce yourself and give us some information about what you do and exceL eSports and how you entered the scene.

My name is Kieran Holmes-Darby and I am the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for exceL eSports. The company is a family-run business by my brother and I and it was set up just over 2 years ago. Since then we have been growing exponentially, expanding into different eSports arenas as and when we see fit.

Sounds like an interesting story! Tell us a little bit more about how Vainglory got your attention.

Vainglory is actually a favourite game of mine and my brother’s and thus watching it to scout talent was never a chore! We believe mobile eSports are the future and we are honoured to be a part of the Vainglory community.

Was it more a decision based on other, major organizations coming into the game? Also, tell us a little bit about how does an organization like yours scout the right players. What is the process and what are the requirements for a player to be picked up by exceL eSports?

Actually, no. We had already set our sights on entering the Vainglory market prior to the likes of Fnatic, NRG, Echo Fox etc entering the fray. It just so happens that their strategies crossed paths with ours. The initial goal is to become a part of the Evil 8 and we believe our team have the ability to do so, only narrowly missing out 3-2 to SK Gaming last split.

Interesting. With the current roster Aeroniac, NomadVagabond & corteZ the lineup brings experienced players who have been at the top of the Challenger Tier for a while now. Most of the teams have a roster with four players, some even five. What was the reason to start with three players?

The team certainly brings a wealth of experience and with the right practice schedule they will do damage. It was more important to us to get a solid core of three players before looking for subs. In saying that, the lads are currently looking at bringing on a sub or two for the upcoming split.

  • Kaan ‘NomadVagabond’ ÖzergünCaptain
  • Ethan ‘Aeroniac’ KimsLaner
  • Leon ‘corteZ’ SharmaJungler

Teams are training hard to make it all the way through VGL towards Vainglory Eight and the competition might be harder than ever – how does the team prepare itself for the Spring Season start?

Whilst we will facilitate everything the team do, we’re not necessarily involved in drawing up their practice schedule. However from talking to the lads and following their movements, it is clear that they are practicing hard. The VGL Blitz tournament at the weekend provided an interesting change-up for the team but now it is back to the hard yards and grinding to be the best.

Talking about mobile eSports, aside from Vainglory, how is exceL eSports’ opinion about mobile eSport in general? Will we see more mobile titles exceL is going to enter?

As I mentioned earlier, we think that mobile eSports are the future. In saying that, we are content with just being in Vainglory at the moment as we believe it has the developer support and the infrastructure to be a fantastic eSport. Although, if Super Evil Megacorp were to make another game we would certainly look into it!

Thank you very much and good luck on the Halcyon Fold!


UK-based exceL eSports is a joint venture between two ambitious, young entrepreneurs, Joel and Kieran, a 1st Class Leadership and Management honours graduate from the University of Exeter and a trainee lawyer at the University of Lancaster respectively. exceL eSports was established in 2014 and is an international eSports organisation that serves to enable its players to compete at the highest level in global eSports. Whilst for a long time their flagship team was a Call of Duty team, since then they have branched out into a whole host of eSports arenas. They continue to expand at an exponential rate and with their core values of commitment, professionalism and integrity, they look to establish themselves as a true eSports powerhouse.

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