Tips and Tricks Guide for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you are a committed Dragon Ball fan or looking for some action-filled adventure game, whether searching for just having fun and tactical game. Whatever may be but Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle provides tactical gameplay also the capacity to please their fans with their beloved characters.

Initially, the newcomers will feel a little bit confused because a lot of things need to be kept in mind on how the game works. But this game is a quite exclusive game, one will be used to it very quickly once they start to play more with it. Also, this game is free to play and if you utilize all the tips and tricks provided below then definitely it will help you all to raise your level as fast as possible. But those who are pay to win a player, even for them these tips and tricks will be helpful.

Gather all the seven dragon balls

In each season collecting the seven dragon balls is considered to be the first task, this will be very well aware for those who are a frequent player or an addicted gamer. After gathering all 7 dragon balls, we will be allowed to select extras like “I want more allies” which is the first thing suggested for the newcomers. One will gain 10 dragon stones at the same time when you gather the balls and also it raises your character openings by 10.

Dragon Stones should not be wasted

Initially, at the beginning of the game, it offers a decent sum of Dragon Stones so we need to safeguard them. Like every other game, the Dragon stones are nothing but gems or maybe some rare cash. So you need to save as much as possible if you can play as a free player. If you don’t have enough Dragon Stones on your account, you can always try to use our dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for free dragon stones.

To perform the multi-bidding, incapacitate and infrequent characters one needs the Dragon Stones. So one should not utilize them to restore to life if they miss a fight for this reason. Losing the game will clearly show that either you are a newcomer or your character level has not reached a higher level. So everything one must do is to either collect useful things or try to make your level higher.

Sign Log in every day to get rewards

If you decide to play anyway, then it is easy to log in every day. If you don’t have time to play continuously at least we should sign in daily to gets the reward points. So by signing in daily, it will help you to utilize the benefits more times successively.

Teach yourself with the type chart

Especially if you are a serious addict of Dragon Ball then you should know about the Pokemon. So if you are an addict to it, then in that situation you will be capable to have a great tracking without any problem. But if you are not at all aware of it then no need to worry we are here to explain to you in detail about what has to be done and we touch the basics. Same like Pokemon we can see here five different characters which are namely STR (red color), INT (violet color), TEQ (green color), AGL (blue color), and at last PHY (brown color).

Each form has its special strengths and weaknesses which is proved from the type chart. Because the PHY (brown color) is strong towards INT( violet color) nut weak towards STR ( red color) etc. Usually fighting with a weedier type will permit you to do additional damages multiplies by one and a half. On the other hand, it is the opposite and your outbreak won’t result in any real damages. So in spite of depending on your luck, one can choose the correct character for the correct fight by keeping this in mind.

Participate in daily events

Every day we can find different events which we must take benefit out of it. As a new player, we will feel great to know that each event has different rewards of its own. So gather all those rewards and utilize it to stimulate your characters or gain Zeni.

Healing products need to be brought always

It is always to be safer than to say sorry later after failing. All-the time whenever we go out on battle or any event, one should not forget to pack one or two healing items with them. So it is always good to hold two healing products with us when we are planning to fight against someone.

Make the best use of your tile movements

One can view the whole map initially before they enter with tiles- utilize this as a boon. Always select your way of having more cash. All the time pick the items such as Awakening, Dragon Balls, Training, Support and so on. It will be better when things are rare. No need to bother about tiles with question marks because you will end up before entering into a match by assuming that your HP is drained out.

Make sure to maintain your number options different from each other, if possible numbers 1 and 2. So doing it in this way one can have more elasticity against finding your next line.

Motivate your characters

Without proper learning, one cannot receive a full experience in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. One must aware of using the opponent flaws to our advantage so knowing about this feature is useful. One will attain more experience only by playing more and more. One can notice a teaching character element in this game. This particular feature will increase the leveling procedure of our character. So to gain additional experience one can even pick the selected character for which training is needed or even arrange them who has the same colors. Another thing which is more interesting here is selecting the two same characters which will improve their super attacking power.

Finally, we have provided a few best tips and tricks which can help you all to get the best out of the game as soon as possible. The most important point is we need to have a fantastic time and need to learn when you progress towards the game’s level. If you like dragon ball z dokkan battle, you may also be interested in Covet Fashion MOD Hack for Android.

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