The Room: Old Sins

About the Game

Among many puzzles or adventure games, here is The Room: Old sin game which will be familiar for most of the people who have come through at least once in the series game. This is a sequence of mobile playoffs which are outstanding in providing strange objects for its players. Objects which were provided can be schemed for revealing the mysteries.

This game is similar to the real one where one can find genuine mystery boxes that can be disclosed by various drills. Among the Room series game, The Room: Old sins is the newest version and also the most exhilarating in the Room series. Due to the 3D feature, the content of the game looks so realistic. Due to that while playing the game players can feel like they are interacting with their hands. This game can be downloaded free of cost from this website. There is also a Hack developed for this game.

Features of The Room Old Sins Mod Hack App

  • Support all types of Android versions
  • Completely Safe
  • Not necessary to root Android devices.
  • It can be downloaded at free of cost
  • It is auto-updated
  • APK file is very simple and easy to be installed

Description of the Game

The whole game happens on the top floor of the Waldegrave manor. In this game, it begins with a couple named Abigail and her husband Mr. Edward Lockwood goes absent. Thereby the player needs to find them by revealing the mystery behind the missing case by acting as an detective.


Initially, the story starts with the performer who needs to act as a detective. He begins by searching in the upper floor zone of a scary and dusky house for an object. The most important and the first thing the player has to do is to light the illumination which enhances the upper floor and shows all the detailed and gigantic dollhouse. And henceforth the main game begins.

Almost all Room games are always discovering mysteries and manipulating objects. By acting as a performer in the Room: Old Sins, it will be designed in a 3D type of puzzles where we can able to touch, move and turn. We need to find the hidden switches and levers which will allow you to expose it.

Here in this Room: Old sins game the normal dollhouse is converted into an enormous, spotlessly detailed and complicatedly linked with puzzles which are quite unbelievable when they are understood. Initially, the player will open little gates and substitute them with small sculptures which results in unlocking of many mysteries. Another object named magical eyeglass will permit the player to visit and find the rooms found inside the dollhouse which seems to be a completely functioning house.

Steps to Install The Room: Old Sins APK for Free on Android

Apk file is really easy to install:

  • Click on the Download link below.
  • Wait for the File to download completely.
  • Open the File The Room Old Sins.apk and Install it on your Android device.
  • Follow all the instructions provided inside the App.
  • Start the App and Enjoy playing the game.

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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