Steam Games – Deals of the Month

Always there is a deal which comes in weekend, huge number of awesome new game collections are on discounted price to make us enjoy. For this weekend here is 5 steam games for sale.

  1. Road Redemption

There was a famous Road rash game once upon a time, which was very good with no specific rules to followed which will lead to the winning. the Road Redemption is the envision of Road Rash game. This game is considered to be a good fun game and we recommend it to all definitely to start with.

Here the price range is Rs. 529 and due to weekend offer it is available for Rs. 264 after 50% discount.

  1. Superhot: Mind Control Delete

As it’s name reads, is an extension of the super hot world. this is a kind of stand alone game where it has a small twist from it’s original style into a good for nothing like look. The price range of Super hot: Mind Control Delete is Rs. 399, but due to weekend offer going on, it is available for Rs. 319 which is after 20% discount.

  1. Slay the Spire

This game is nothing but a blend of card building game and a rogue like named as Slap the spire. The theme of this game is one has to build the best deck we can and need to fight against the strange creatures.

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The price range is Rs 519 and due to it’s weekend offer it is available at Rs. 327 after 37% discount.

  1. Superhot

If one has played and like the superhot: mind control delete then they can even check with their original superhot game also. this is actually a slow motion combat, one become stronger only after completing certain levels and the more you are strong then more strong will be the enemies too. This is a challenging game in general. Luckily this game is also on sale.

Here the price range of the original version is Rs. 619 and due to the weekend offer it is available at Rs. 309 after 500% discount.

  1. Youtubers Life

In Current trend many are turning to a YouTuber which is named as YouTuber’s life by creating videos, expanding their fans and becoming wealthy. Here you can become a gamer, a music sensation and even chef by cookery shows and turn popular among the world.

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The price range is Rs. 619 due to weekend offers it is available at Rs. 278 after 50% discount.

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