Review Roundup For Mario Golf: Super Rush — What The Critics Are Saying

Mario Golf: Super Rush comes out on June 25, which has led a lot of Switch owners to wonder if it’s worth picking up. So far, it seems that Super Rush has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics, though it’s not quite as acclaimed as other entries in the series, particularly the N64 original.

Super Rush is the first Mario Golf game in seven years, following the 3DS entry World Tour, so Nintendo fans have been waiting a while for this one. Generally, critics have praised the sports game’s creative course design and action-packed new modes, while faulting its lack of content and less-than-functional motion controls.

In GameSpot’s 7/10 Mario Golf: Super Rush review, critic Steven Petite complimented the chaotic fun of its off-the-wall powerups, as well as its colorful levels. However, he noted that the game only features six courses at launch, and he described the core single-player Golf Adventure mode as underwhelming and disjointed.

“After playing all six courses Super Rush has to offer, it was clear that motion controls were simply incompatible with the elaborate designs Camelot created to highlight the game’s signature new Speed Golf mode,” he wrote. “That said, mastering the three-click swing system, including shaping the golf ball, adding backspin, and tinkering with trajectories is more important than ever because the courses are littered with obstacles, which also make you think more about the type of shot you want to hit.”

Mario Golf: Super Rush currently sits at a 75 Metascore on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic. If you want more info on the below reviews, check out the game’s Metacritic page.

GameSpot — 7/10

“With three radically different styles of play and some seriously inventive courses, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a compellingly original sports game. Speed Golf and Battle Golf actively make you adapt to wildly different conditions while balancing technique and speediness. The three-click swing system still feels great, though if you desire an accurate motion-controlled golf game, this isn’t it. Golf Adventure curiously lacks a conventional tournament structure or record keeping, which actively dissuaded me from ever wanting to revisit it. Super Rush isn’t the best entry in the series, but it’s a worthy addition.” — Steven Petite [Full review]

VG247 — 6/10

“Those core modes are something special, however. It’s the sort of arcadey sports experience that doesn’t really happen any more. Most sports games now are simulations – so I’m so glad to get another game that carries the spirit of older, arcadey, more silly sports games. The adventure mode’s shortcomings don’t dent that significantly enough to stop me from recommending Mario Golf: Super Rush – but just don’t go in expecting an all-time-great sports story mode.” — Alex Donaldson [Full review]

TheGamer — 8/10

“Mario Golf: Super Rush is a Mario sports game, and as is par for the course (sorry) with such titles, it’s best when played with friends. You’ll need to play it solo for a while to unlock all of the courses, mind, but once that’s done, this is an experience you should save for when the pals are either coming to visit, or when they’re ready to play online with the gang. Super Rush is an excellent golf game, but the fact that only one of the advertised modes can be played with three-to-four players simultaneously on a single console is a little bit disappointing. Still, this manages to be the best Mario sports title on Nintendo Switch, and a great multiplayer gem for low-energy gatherings with pals.” — Dave Aubrey [Full review]

Polygon — Recommended

“Still, I can’t imagine spending much time playing traditional golf in Super Rush. I have plenty of alternatives I could turn to for that. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the only game that lets me body-check Luigi on the way to notching a birdie on the 18th hole.” — Chris Plante [Full review]

IGN — 6/10

“Arcade golf games like this are made to be played with friends for a long time, but there just doesn’t feel like enough variety on offer here to make me want to. Without that longevity I just can’t place Super Rush in the category of a top-tier Mario Golf game.” — Simon Cardy [Full review]

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