Realm Royale

One of the third-person shooter game is Realm Royale Android which is free completely to play. The game had an old name called “Paladins: Battlegrounds”. There are a lot of characters each with some unique power in this game.

Realm Royale apk is now downloadable on Android Devices. Download the game from the link at the end.

Realm Royale Gameplay for Android

Among the different classifications of Battle Royale game, we are going to see Realm Royale which is similar to other games in the series list. The objective of the game is to live till the end mainly by traveling to a secure place, collecting weapons to fight against the enemies.

In this game, one can find five different classes of character to choose from. They are- Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Assassin, and Engineer. Each one of them has their very own powers and abilities. And now the team is automatically added into teams of four each. Therefore with 100 other players, we need to fight.

The Players are allowed to change the items that they found while playing the games, for items like new abilities or weapons. So we can find the options on the game map somewhere in any particular locations.

One funny thing about this game is, a player will get converted to chicken if they are knocked down by other players. These locations are called Forges. If the opponent player manages to survive even facing some attack after some time, they can surely change to their original form from chicken.

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Attractions of the game

Realm Royale Apk is one among the games in which the internet is overloaded with games. One can merge up with this game if you are game extremists. When we look closely we may find the reason why one should choose this over the other games.

It is set in the game happening in the periods of soldiers and knights using snipers along with crossbows and ancient swords are just like a fantasy world. Here in this fantasy world one can choose the way we need to fight in this game. Both traditional and modern warfare is included in this game. You will surely enjoy this game in the Android if you are the kind of person who tries and tests as a gamer.

Like Fornite this game also improved quite in its visuals.

Features of Realm Royale on Android

  • Effort as a team

Here in order to build your team the game allows us to call our friends. Therefore if everyone likes you as a teammate in Realm Royale then definitely you are the gaming party which is hosted at your place. One will receive help to win the topmost game award Crown Royale at the same time they will receive an enjoyable experience.

  • Legendary player

One will achieve great cheers and gets your best own upon you with the help of various opportunities and powers that realm royale provides. One can warn your teammates who are approaching enemies by firing a flare, this happens when playing in the multiplayer mode. So one can defeat their enemies smoothly with different cheers which helps us.

  • Make your weapons

The number of models is scattered throughout the map in the world of Realm Royale. Here you can also choose the best components for the weapons that you have forged, one can also make weapons, bring back dead teammates. The number of changes will be provided in this game to prove ourselves.

Installing Realm Royale Game APK on Android

The apk file can be installed in few steps:

  1. Click on the Download button below.
  2. Wait for the file to download.
  3. Open the File and Install Realm Royale.apk file on the Android Phone.
  4. Follow all the instructions that are provided
  5. Start the Game and Enjoy

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

Therefore do not wait anymore download the game immediately on your Android mobile from the bellow button.

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