“VGL partners up with Elgato Gaming to create the first Blitz tournament”

Featuring a $2000 USD prize pool

Elgato Gaming is partnering up with vaingloryleague “VGL” in order to create the first ever Blitz tournament with a $1000 USD prize pool for North America and Europe, respectively.

Tom Hildreth, Community Manager Gaming at Elgato Gaming:
We are very excited to work together with VGL to create the first Blitz tournament. The Vainglory community clearly expressed that they want a tournament for the new game mode- we’re really excited to deliver the first one in cooperation with VGL and see the overall participation!

The tournament will be played over the course of one weekend. Europe will start from February 17 – 19 followed by North America on February 23 – 25. Each tournament will have it’s own featured livestream on where per match day at least four series of Blitz matches will be featured live featuring VGL known talent like Excoundrel, FourCourtJester & Dowsey.

Tomek Borowka, founder at VGL:
“It’s great that we can increase our tournament series by adding a Blitz tournament to Europe and North America. Together with Elgato Gaming, I am sure that we have the right partner to ensure a smooth online production and make the tournament an overall great experience for both participating teams and viewers. The capture cards, especially the HD60 Pro and the HD60 S are indispensable for our production. Blitz matches are fast and from a technical standpoint any delay would minimize the fun!

Together with Elgato Gaming, VGL will also host a giveaway, which is public accessible, during the continuation of the tournament. A total of six Elgato HD60 S capture cards are being custom printed, featuring the VGL Blitz logo and colors, and will be shipped to the three lucky winners in Europe and North America, respectively

About Elgato Gaming

Elgato Gaming creates capture technology that enables content creators to record and stream their gameplay to the world. Since 2012, Elgato has been at the forefront of content creation and continuously striving to push the boundaries of both hardware and software.

About Vainglory “Blitz”

In Blitz, everyone can pick their hero before the match starts and begins at level 9 including 6000 gold. Lane and Jungle monsters are worth more gold and XP than in normal modes. The general hero spawn time does not increase with the duration of the match – it’s set to 12 seconds across the board. The first team which reaches 15 points first wins. Points are gained by killing heroes (1 point) or objectives (3 points). At 5 minutes, the team with the highest score wins. If there is a draw at 5 minutes, the team that gets the next point wins. Unlike Battle Royale, Players can recall back to base, and the entire map is open



We have hired the largest community-run Vainglory eSports organization, Vaingloryleague (VGL) to bring competitive Vainglory events to the community. VGL has run tournaments in Europe and North America, and we’re excited to announce that South America and Korea will have their own qualifying structures under the VGL umbrella. We look forward to the first-ever South American VGL Qualifiers as well as the first Southeast Asian official qualifier tournaments: the Tesseract Qualifier Series that will be organized by our community in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India under the banner of Tesseract eSports.

Growing our global structure with VGL is a natural step for us, as the organization has been part of the larger Super Evil Megacorp family well before Vainglory launched globally. We are very pleased to have the founders Tomek “bluberryz” Borowka and Jonathan “DonJon” Sakoucky join our Super Evil team full-time. Our aim is to build a game together with our community that is played for decades to come also on the competitive front. We continue to work together with our community and will support other community-run initiatives as usual, including tournaments run around the globe.

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