Points One should be aware of on Dragon City

Dragon City Mobile is all about generating dragons to nurse them later to upgrade them. Like other games ex Dragonvale, the dragons which we are generating is capable of fighting against other players or fight with each other to gain extras. Those who are always finding issues in generating dragons. Or not able to upgrade them or have a lack of gems and gold then this article is for them to help in playing this game. You may also try our mod apk for dragon city hack from our website.

Elemental Dragons

Here the dragons are classified with various elemental groups like Terra, Flame, War, Pure, Sea, Nature, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, Electric, and Legend. Also further there are various other kinds of dragons like Hybrid (Juggernaut Dragon and Hot Metal Dragon), Exclusive (Thor Dragon and Great White Dragon), Legend (Mirror Dragon and Crystal Dragon), and Rare Hybrid (Leviathan Dragon and Cool Fire Dragon).

Harvest Food

To raise the dragons it is necessary to feed them so that they can be improved. So we need to choose foods that can be cultivated in less duration and also baring less amount to farm them similar to dragon balls and dragon chili. Further, if you find additional money which can be spent on the farming then you can reap and spike balls Star shines.

The Habitat Scheme

Each environment has a variety of elements that can produce gold, so keep your dragon in various environments to produce gold in every minute. To get 20% additional gold for every minute we need to match our elemental crystal with elemental dragons.

The Dragon Market

One should perfectly utilize the dragon market because correctly using them will help us to generate an enormous amount of gold and can produce an ample amount of food too. Also, we need to add our friends through Facebook so that we can gain food and gold for every hour which can be helpful when we need. So plan to add a maximum of 20 friends per day because adding more than that will create suspicion to Facebook assuming somewhat wrong. So by adding friends in this way will end up accumulating 600 friends on Facebook which will generate us gold.

If you find 100 friends on your list then it is possible to send them a Market request. By doing so you can also get the help from them to market your game for all 5 hours and this, in turn, will show the sum of gold and food according to the slots which appear while gathering from the marketplace.

Neat Trick: After collecting the gold from the market through various slots, if it is not visible to calculate them then try visiting other friends or maybe you can check Deus and resume back immediately.

Dragon Evolution

The evolution of Dragon consists of 4 different levels and each level will explain its transformation briefly. So let’s look into the different levels of evolution.

  • Egg – when dragons are not yet bred they will be in the form of an egg.
  • Baby – when the egg gets hatched, baby dragons will pop out of it those are real baby dragons and feels hungry always.
  • Teen – This is the time the dragons have reached a pre-adult stage and they are capable of fighting with each other or with other dragons. And definitely, they are difficult to be handled.
  • Adult – this stage is where the dragons are fully formed and they are very strong enough to fight against any kind of dragon. They are also capable of winning the battle along with other dragons.

Training System

To make them stand in a battle perfectly we need to provide them training so that their skills and efficiency are sharpened. We need to place our dragon those which have reached up to the 15th level in a training school so that they can learn new types of moves. Forex Magic temple is required to go beyond the 10th level. Instead of replacing all we can replace with the same elemental attacks which are considered to be best. Because every new move will take 48 hours to be absorbed by them.

Dragon City PVP Battle

It is possible to grow into an association ranking list by making them access the player V player genre by clicking on the icon which is found above the building tab. So now you will be rewarded with three gems by winning every seven times in the tournament.

Temple Guide

  • Initially begin with level 10 by improving your dragons.
  • 20th Level – To upgrade till 20 levels and get 500,000 gold one need to make six friends to be opened and we need to construct the magic temple and this, in turn, will uplift your level to 15.
  • 25th Level – To upgrade to the 25th level and get 1,500,000 gold, one needs to construct the honorable temple and one needs six friends to open and this will directly uplift your dragon to 20 levels.
  • 30th Level – To upgrade to the 30th level and get 5,000,000 gold, one needs to construct the knight temple. And now there is no need to make any friends be opened anymore and this will uplift your dragons up to 25th level.
  • 35th Level – By upgrading to the 25th level already you would be having 25 gems and automatically you will acquire the magic temple. And No more friends to be opened also the constructing time will be only 24 hours and this will upgrade your dragon to the highest level

Breeding in Dragon City

So here it means breeding is generating a new kind of dragon by mixing two different types of dragons into one. So to start with breeding click on “build” + “ building” + “special”, this will lead to the construction of an ultra-breeding tree or breeding mountain.

By utilizing the gems on eggs of dragons will directly increase the speed of the procedure, but if you wish to save the gems then we can try other methods either by finishing the dragon book collection, attending some surveys or mingling through any battles. Also, we can able to sell the dragons which when hatches will provide you more gems and XP bonus.

Receiving Gold in Dragon City

Without purchasing the in-app we can gain more gold by following the below ways:

  • Daily sign-in Rewards –One needs to sing in for five succeeding days and within 3 days of singing in we might get 1500 gold.
  • Expand – To construct your environment further wide one needs to expand, this, in turn, will provide you gold, and the more expansion then more will be gold.
  • Habitats – Improving the environment will directly raise the storing sum of gold and also increases the land space for raising your dragons.

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Dragon City Commands

  • Suppose if you forget the enemy’s paleness then during the battle making use of the utmost damaging technique to trap them in your attack.
  • It is always good to purchase an environment and selling it back again and repeating this process quite often will earn you an ample amount of XP bonuses.
  • One needs to perform a breeding session initially raise an Alpine Dragon and a Medieval Dragon; second, breed an Armadillo Dragon and a Cool Fire Dragon later we need to blend the two ova to achieve the legendary dragon.
  • Also when we are in a need to gain a Petroleum Dragon one has to blend a Mud Dragon and a Zombie Dragon. It is possible to breed two pairs of dragons simultaneously by holding an Ultra Breeding Tree.
  • It is always advised to breed the dragons in the same breeding reservation level because those Dragons which are revealed at level 1 cannot be breed in the 7-8 levels of breeding reservation area, and the same is applicable on level 2 breed dragons too.
  • It is always said that only the main portion of a dragon is considered during the serious attack during the war. For instance, if a dragon has vigor as its principal element, then electric and the sea is considered to be the serious harm but it is not considered for the subsequent element, so the attack from ice and terra will be ordinary.
  • The dragon which is earning us more gold around 100,000 when it is sold is nothing but Jade dragon and it is also known for its short breeding duration.
  • When we are in the task of improving the dragon’s level then we need to reap food for the same, so it is always advisable that once we construct a farm we need to elevate it immediately. Dragons need more food when they are advanced. The more it is advanced the extra food is eaten by them.
  • Another tip is that if we add our associates and then choose the Medieval Dragon we will receive 200,000 gold so for that we need to attend the recruitment market.
  • If you wish to change the Dragon’s name then it is possible to go to see the environment, pick the dragon for which name has to be changed click on their name. Now enter your preferred title and save it by clicking the floppy- like diskette image.
  • Whenever we conquer several wars, the struggle point at the battle and the stadium gets escalated. So we need to keep in mind for improving the killing power of your dragon in Training school.
  • The eggs which are generated in the breeding sanctuary need to be kept in a particular environment to generate the gold. One can even utilize the maximum number of enhancements to gain more. The more sophisticated is the dragon’s level the extra gold it will produce.
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