Methods to Get Avacoins and Diamonds in Avakin Life

It will not be believed by those who are reading this article if we tell that we have not played nor tried Sims ever in our lifetime. This game is for those who wish to do whatever they feel to do, Avakin Life is based on a similar concept which permits you to have entirely a virtual life. Nevertheless, this article will guide you all on how to use Avakin Life Hack to get Avacoins and Diamond in this game easily.

Avakin Life – Is filled with Chat and Virtual World of Avatars

Avakin Life is the one among the games that have grabbed the viewers’ attention in the virtual community. This game has a wide community playing with different customization options and communicating elements.

This game can be operated on iOS, PC, Mac, and Android devices, which are the unique characteristics playable on multiple platforms making use of web browsers creating it as the world’s first and best multi-platform virtual world game.

Once if we start playing this came we assure you that definitely, you will wish to play again and again. The good thing about this game is that it not only allows you to live a happy new virtual identity but we can also communicate with the same kind of players around the world.

We can chat with them just like we do with our friends in real life and mingle with them by performing many other tasks with our avatar.

This game was available across iOS platforms and Android, whereas now it is made available for PC too. The condition involved in this game is to play this game, one must have completed 17 years of age.

The verification mail will be sent to you during registration for this game which can be connected via Facebook Profile, email or even G+. Then immediately we can move into the game.

Both the features are mixed i.e. the virtual reality and the Massive Multiplayer Online games genres which are often known as Virtual reality MMO games. This game is turned into a popular one among many people not only due to its gaming excitement but also due to the reason for communicating with other players through chats and other features.

Characteristics of Avakin Life Game

  • It involves free-roaming inside the open-world environment game.
  • We can chat and interact with an enormous group of people and friends.
  • One can create their avatar and apartment.
  • Best apartments are Rated and ranked.
  • Able to play between all the platforms with one account.
  • The gameplay is made ease with simple UI.
  • Currency

This particular app is free to download and install but even there are- purchase apps that will increase the gaming experience.

It is necessary to disclose the full range of clothes, furniture and other elements in the game with in-app purchases.


This game has the maximum reputation which can be viewed on the Google Play store that is around 4.3 out of 5 ratings and 4.6 out of 5 on the apple store.

So, therefore, begin to play the game Avakin Life, design your virtual avatar and start adoring the large virtual community of this game.

How to begin the game?

Before starting to play the game, it is necessary to design your avatar. It can either look like you as is or maybe as per your imaginary character.

One can do anything with the features available in this, there are a variety of styling and designing options available in it. So it all depends upon your creativity.

The character can either be a cool classy one or maybe a crazy one. Among the similar games, this game has the most features of avatar creators.

One more inspiring thing about this game is that we can customize them depending upon our interests and wishes. The opponent players can see only the avatar created by you so always remember to design in such a way that it stays in the heart and grabs a long-lasting impression.

Best 10 Avakin Life Hack, Tips, Tricks & Cheats which are proved

Diamonds and Gems

Gems are considered as a strength for a player. This is considered to be a secondary game currency, for purchasing rare artifacts gems are required. Not like coins, gems are a bit difficult to get. Once you finish a task you will be rewarded with a handful of gems. But if you stay around till the end of the game, we assure you that you will discover Avakin life hack tricks to get a maximum of 100 gems.

So after the currency topic let’s move on to the list of tips and guidelines for facing a hurdle free gameplay. Once we reach the topmost levels 4 out of 10 users may feel hard to play and some may feel fun playing this game at the same time.

The inability to gain experience points which subsequently avoid the players from reaching higher levels. One can go through the below tips and tricks provided by us on the below page so that we assure you that you can protect some quality time in finding our simple way to play the game using this Avakin life hack.

These are not glitches or possibilities instead, all of the tips shown below are guaranteed and will work on all devices and platforms.

Jobs and Mileposts

During we play there should be always an eye over the development window to keep on track regarding the daily duties.

To utilize the Avakin Life Hack one has to complete the tasks which are allotted to us, these are considered to be one of the milestones portions, so that we can move on to the next milestone upon completing successfully.

Check For Anonymous Boxes

Shortcut to cash and gems are nothing but Mystery boxes. We need to open them whenever we notice one. Upon finishing a video we may get a free mystery box or we need to pay and get it.

There is one Mystery box that consists of diamonds, avacoins and other related rewards called Sais mystery boxes. If we are in necessity of cash we need additional cash then one has to watch a few videos.


Avacoins are regarded as real-life currency. This is considered to be the basic game currency. One requires the currency for doing everything right from buying items to bundles.

It will be very easy to play games once we have tons of them which are easier to get. Easy in the sense we can get them upon watching or finishing a video or something else similar to it.

So it is always better to gather as much as Avacoins as possible. The tips and guidelines given down will help you all to gather them easily. We have covered all the ways to gain them.

Accumulate Daily Rewards

In this busy life, it is not easy to sit daily and gather rewards or play the game. But it is helpful to gain the rewards if you manage your time and log in at least once so that you can collect daily rewards in that way.

With every successive login, the daily rewards will come in the form of coins. Therefore to get the daily rewards for easy coins to make sure to log in daily.

Make Associates

If we do not have a friend then what is the fun in life? So Avakin Life is a game which increases its excellence by adding every friend to the list. The new chances are aroused by adding each friendship. To get the most out of the Avakin Life Hack Guide, it is really important to maintain the balance between social life and work life.

Once we add several friends, it automatically increases our social life. To make more friends one has to make an outing to social places such as club sundown, liberty, and plaza. We need to improve our gameplay by making more friends.

Observe Playtime

By doing any one particular thing will avoid wasting time and energy during we play the game and considered to be a wise thing. It is better to avoid doing things like planning to keep the friends only the sake of time. Instead, it is good to spend time with already existing friends.

Playtime is more important than to develop in social life in this Avakin Life Hack game. Also allotting quality time with already existing friends rather than finding for new friends which is complete foolishness.

Hold your fire For Offers

There is a situation which occurs once in a while in Avakin Life which provides the opportunity to get a 2x offer which will directly double the avacoins. One should stay patiently for the offer to pop up because if you are in a thought to buy something which eagerly expects huge avacoins.

Therefore we need to be sharp and looking forward to new current offers so that we can utilize them for better coins and rewards.

Purchase Sell Items

It is the duration for us to make some purchase when we have got some 2x offer ready. There occurs as host sale on peculiar items.

So it is clever to get the items during the sale. This, in turn, helps us to get the items that could not be bought forever. The shocking thing here is the discount rates are really surprising and could increase the level of up to 70%.

One has to buy the items as well as we need to save a few amounts of Avacoins and this is known to be a win-win situation.

Utilize Build Mechanisms

The main factor in avakin life is it can unlock whatever is present in the game and also can build items that are considered to be the most important. One drawback of the Avakin Life Hack is that it sometimes takes weeks or days to make the build to get fulfilled.

And it is worth to wait for getting a free item in return. It is always possible to skip the time by spending the resources if we have few coins with us.

The Gameplay

Virtual reality game depends on developing a virtual avatar which you theoretically need to customize by getting new clothes.

Also one can buy an apartment where we can beautify with things of our wish. Laterally together with designing your 3D avatar and the flats, the important portion of the game is to make conversation with other players.

This Avakin life game is designed in such a way that it is providing an astonishing experience and is consistently growing through fresh updates in this game.

One can able to go around the virtual world, meet new peoples, visit luxury locations, inviting your friends to your apartments and you are visiting their flats too.

One can able to rate their apartments and they can also rate about your apartments set up so that both can contest each other for the top-rated apartments.

Conversation with other players can be via one to one chat or in conversation groups. The developments also announce fresh kinds of furniture, game tasks, and even animations.

The Progression Method

This game was developed and launched by a UK based (Nottingham) publisher and developer called Lockwood.

Lockward got help from cloud-based services and the metric system to make the game support in all types of platforms.

Already Lockward has a fantastic status for developing creative quality content for PlayStation so therefore Avakin Life’s gameplay, animations, content, and graphics are also composed of high quality.

Features of the Avakin Life Hack App

This app is available on all devices for free such as Android, Kindle Fire, iPod Touch, Fire phone, iPhone and iPad. However, it supports only on iOS 8.0 and higher and in android 4.0.3 and higher. The app was launched with a 1.7.6 version which is supposed to be the recent running version on April 22, 2016.

Various Marvelous Things about the Avakin Life Hack

Upon visiting your apartments regularly will get you 10 gems daily.

To commence actions, you can bale to add short cuts.

Things that help you to go through the game quicker are Mystery boxes which are considered to be an outstanding source of gems and few other surprises.

One can record your dance movements in this game through a built-in camera application.

If you want to want to go through the game by getting some nice offers, then hold on patiently because this game regularly provides 2X offers.

Parental Supervision

This game is allowed only for people aged 17+ due to some age sensitive issues.

Therefore before you start playing this game, verification has to be undergone. Users can make use of their email or Facebook accounts. So your information available in the accounts will be used by the game which is revealed in the privacy policy.

We cannot find any kind of sexual or suggestive content in this game. Also, things like drugs, violence, smoking, and alcohol are not present in this game. Cursing and vulgarity are not permitted in the conversation, whereas flirting is allowed which is added to the parental consent requirement.


Captivating some jobs and completing it will provide you good experience also a good sum of points. This will raise your work life also. You will reach the level up if you attain a certain amount of experience points.

Therefore you can reach a higher level easily. Also one can able to rate the apartments by click the “I” icon on the right-hand side, where it will display the pop-up box and you can submit your rating.

The plus in rating apartments is that you will get a certain amount of experience points (between 10 to 15 approx).

Rate an apartment and attain experience points, as we said before there are tons of methods available to get coins and gems.

So we request you all to install this game and discover more and more Avakin Like hack tips and techniques. But for an easy understanding and beginners, we have highlighted a few tips above.

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