Guide for Angry Birds Collections

Though Angry Birds game first released for Apple iPhone, the angry tweets of the crazy birds have filled corners of buses and stations. It inspires the expansion of the secondary markets-toys and accessories. Certainly here, has its own collections of Angry Birds for you. But,how to find the one you most like ? This blog will guide you to choose the right birds in our collections.Click to read more.

1. Toys & Decorations

In this section, we offer you various toys and decorations based on many Angry Birds designs and colors. Most of those toys and decorations are plush and safe for your children. In this section, cute Angry Birds plush glove puppet toys are among the most popular items.

2. Stationaries

If you have a school aged children, you got to check this section. Here,we have stocked notebooks, ballpoint pens, erasers,sharpeners and many other items shaped and decorated with the design of Angry Birds. All those are great gift items for school children.

3. Car Stickers

Are you still thinking about Father’s Day presents? It’s time to browse our car sticker section of Angry Birds collections. Pick some Angry Birds auto stickers for fuel tank cap for dad. You can secretly put the stickers on dad’s car and see his face glow with surprise and smile. That is so cool!

4. Cell Phone Accessories

You can see iPhones,iPads everywhere,but with almost identical shape and color. How can you DIY your own cell phones? Cell Phone Accessories section can be a great choice. In this section,you can select a skin protector sticker with Angry Birds pattern for your iPhone or a sleeve case for iPad. There are variety of shapes and colors to choose to fulfill your individual requirements.

5. Sections for All Ages

In addition to all above, we have prepared many Angry Birds products which are suitable for all ages. Angry Birds plush beanie hats keep you warm and fun in this winter. Angry Birds actual combat toys make sound effects when in “combat”. Angry Birds desk clocks start your day with happiness.

In summary, we hava packed our Angry Birds collection with surprises and fun.Come and explore and this blog will give you a starting piont. With large selection,high quality and low price, is your on-line shop for Angry Birds accessories. Click Angry Birds Collections to shop and to enter the magic land of fun and happiness.

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