Google Stadia: Everything one should know

In San Francisco, during the game developer’s conference, Google released its new game streaming service. It is called Stadia, the main aim is to allow users to stream AAA titles directly from Google’s server without any special hardware. There is no need to buy any expensive console if it works as it is advertised to us. So far none of the game streaming is popular nor successful which was introduced by Sony and Nvidia companies. There seems to visible some real potential only after the Google stadia, which is the first game streaming. Here we are there to tell about Google stadia and everything related to new game streaming service.

What is Google Stadia?

As explained already in the above lines, it is a new game streaming service launched from Google which was implemented so that games are directly streamed to the players. Due to this, no one is supposed to buy any expensive hardware to play AAA titles. Another great thing about Google stadia is one need not download the games, which is one of the biggest offers provided by Google. It is very simple to hit the play button and it will launch.

Google Stadia Requirements

As we said already it does not need any special hardware for supporting, it can be directly played on any existing smartphone or Chromecast ultra device. If both chromecast and Smartphone are not available then we can directly stream games using Google chrome browser. So in order to use directly through browser one needs a high-speed internet connection. One condition in this Google stadia is, it works only with Wifi connections and speeds over 25 Mbps. In the future, it will be supported with a 5G cellular network that was announced by Google for good compatible.

Google Stadia: Continuity

As per the research made by Google, there are more than 2 billion people who either play games or watch recorded games around the world. So the main motive of Google during its presentation in GDC was about its continuity.

The aim of Google is to solve the problems by permitting the users to discover the games but also to access them readily without facing any disturbance. Previously one has to look for the game in the console for its availability then need to buy it from the store later waiting to get downloaded and install before playing it. But now one can play the trailer of the game available before buying them to see the overall theme of the games.

In order to play the games players need not go through any of the steps, they can simply see the game trailer on YouTube, they will find a simple Play Now button. Making a click on the button will immediately start streaming the game. Also, titles like AAA like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be played within 5 seconds of time duration if the internet speed is more than 25 Mbps. Therefore it is the simplest procedure to stream the game than anything else.

Here is a boon not only games can be streamed on PC but it also can be played on smartphones, TV, tablets, and Chromebooks even more. There is one more option available is, if one is playing games like Assassin’s Creed on your TV and if some else wants to watch TV and you need to stop playing then you can continue playing it on your smartphone without losing progress in your game. movie.

The need for Special Stadia Controller

Here Google is launching its very own controller for its online streaming projects, which many of us will know. So there is one assumption that we need to buy the controller to stream the game but that is not so. It allows playing the games by making use of our own Keyboard, mouse, and controllers. So there is no necessity to buy any Google Stadia controller to stream game.

But if you buy Google stadia controller it will definitely uplift the game streaming experiences. So, therefore, it can directly be connected to Google’s Data through WiFi is one of the great advantages.

Here there are two buttons available additionally with the Google stadia controller. One is the capture button which will allow you to record and stream your game immediately. Due to its recording process no need to worry thinking it will disturb the game quality. The second button is Google Assistant where one can control using your voice alone which is an in-game menu.

About Game Streaming Quality

The quality of the game will be best only on the most powerful laptops that can be found in the market. The game streaming is possible with either 4K HDR or 1080p with 60 fps quality depending upon the network speed. Therefore it is very surprising that streaming games at 60 fps in 4K HDR is just can’t imagine. So, if you were worried that you will have to stream games at lower quality just to make it playable, Google Stadia should blow you away.

Google Stadia: Multiplayer

Here there is an opportunity to link with multi-players, so if anyone is watching a sports play like FIFA19 or a battle royale game like Apex legends then, in that case, Google stadia also improve multiplayer games by allowing low latency play. Since both the game client and the multiplayer server will be hosted on the same Google Data Center, so even if thousands of people join the game, there will be very low latency.

Also, there will be no hacking of games on android apk with Google as it allows cross-platform compatibility.

Here there is the launch of a new option called “ Stream connect” which will allow the game developers to go away from the boundaries of the couch-based co-op. One thing is turning to be rare now that is running two views of the same couch-based co-op games because there is extra taxing on the system. So developers will reduce the quality of each view and makes easier for the hardware to hold them. But unfortunately, it will lead to poor graphics quality which will discourage the players.

So no need to worry about the reduce quality of the game because each will be boosted by a separate stadia instance. So now developers will make possible to view as many views as they want without losing its quality.

Crowd Play

The Final feature which is aimed at YouTube game streamers is called a “Crowd Play”. If one wants to engage with community those who are Youtube game stream then the best way is to permit your audience to play along with you. On the other side of the spectrum, if you love watching game streams, it will be great if you could play with your favorite creators.

It is made possible for both streamers and watchers to play games with each other using Google stadia. Here there is a good thing i.e game streamers can create a comment box using Google Stadia where their followers can apply and wait till they get the chance to play with them. If anyone wants to create a strong community and engaging with them if it is executed properly which will be great for the steamers.

The Games Played on Google Stadia

Two big titles are launched by Google Stadia, one is the “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” and the second is the “Doom Eternal” which is the latest game in the critically acclaimed Doom franchise. The first might seem small if Google stadia can deliver its promises which require the best latest hardware to run because if it is not able to do so then it will not stay rather other game franchises start offering their games. So when Google stadia is made available to the public more games can be launched alongside which was assured by Google.

Google Stadia: Pricing and Availability

Google stadia’s pricing and availability are not clear. Because there is no official date of availability, it is displayed that it will be available any time in 2019. Also, there is no exact pricing and releasing date. During its launch, it will be made available in the UK, USA, and Canada also in many European countries. As we all know that it is very difficult to get succeeded immediately but hope after it’s launch it should fulfill what they have claimed in the notes. You can learn more about the Stadia from their official Twitter handle.


Google stadia is a bit far-reaching and we are really eager about it. We don’t know what are all points said by Google will be fulfilled. One thing which is really wanted to be fulfilled is while streaming games and moving to another device from one device without losing the progress is something which I wait in the queue. If anyone feels anything about Google stadia please do share with us through the comment box.

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