Google Cardboard Games for Android in 2019

Currently Google card board is the most entertainment device and lots of apps and games are being created by the developers so as to entertain us b experiencing the magic of virtual reality. Actually compared to Virtual reality devices google cardboard is not as advanced like oculus Rift boast but it is more affordable which has brought the VR tech to the Masses. You can but one yourself from the official page. Now lots of games available on the play store and Apple iTunes targeted mainly for the Google Cardboard users, let us see few games below:

  1. Caaaaardboard!

This game is more like performing stunts and fights. If anyone has played Aaaaa on the PC, then they should definitely know how much playing Cardboard game is. Here one needs to make dive off the buildings store in Boston, Massachusetts by performing fight, gathering points, spray paint and more. This game surely will give a superb experience of virtual reality game and this will eliminate the fear of heights during the play.

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  1. InMind 2 – successor to InMind

Actually, InMind 2 is the next in line to InMind, where InMind is full of space fiction virtual reality games. But many users complained about it for lack of many levels and too short game except the portion where we have destroyed the neurons. But InMind 2 has launched to restraint the sadness by allowing the user to play as John with some adventure, also to follow the process of him by becoming an adult even by making all decisions. We can mold the shape of John’s human brain by trying to know the chemistry of emotions, controlling his reactions and almost holding in hands the destiny of John.

  1. House of Terror VR

If anyone is searching for an excellent Horror game then the House of Terror is said to ve the best one. This is really a terrifying point and clicks horror games to play on Google Cardboard. The theme of this game is the user will be dumped in a deserted house where no one will be found except monsters and ghosts. So we need to find the way out through the clues and by resolving the puzzles. This game is going to be very interesting while finding clues and solving puzzles. One thing which needs to be really made available in the Virtual reality headset need to have a button to play this title. Or one can connect to the Wireless Bluetooth controller.

  1. Hidden Temple

The motive of this game is to find the hidden secrets in the Hidden Temple by solving the tricky riddles also by collecting and combing items through the solution of riddles. This is also a very interesting game and adventurous. There is no need for having a tense situation where one needs to complete any levels, here it’s totally free from all the rules and levels. It’s simply a pleasant game played on one’s own comforts.

  1. End Space VR (Minos Starfighter VR)

This game is totally about a battle fight in space as its name implies. This is one of the games with full detailed virtual reality experiences one can come across. The player will be a pilot with a space fighter for fighting against enemies. The game technique to move around is to shake your head and use the magnet button to make a laser trigger shot. The Virtual reality of End Space will have a variety of environments like detailed spaceships, upgrades and more. There are 3Dimensional positional audio and AAA graphics which is nothing but a higher version of graphics, therefore, making the best virtual reality experience on Google Cardboard.

  1. Proton Pulse

There is one game called Proton pulse which doesn’t look so impressive through the outlook image but it’s very addictive. The content of the game is to spin and send the proton ball to kill the enemy. Here we need to use our head to spin and tilt the energy ball.

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  1. Deep Space Battle

No one will be there without liking the shooter games and here Virtual reality really makes it more beautiful. As its name implies it is a space shooter game where one needs to defend the world against conquering along with intelligence and weapons. Here the astronomical land view in the game will really make a stupendous Virtual reality experience and the game also have a variety of space ships in different designs and more.

  1. Final Kick VR

Now after the above games you all will be tired of seeing games related to puzzles, zombies and space battles. So here is a game for a change for those who love soccer games. If so give a last try to Virtual reality on Google Cardboard. Here the VR game puts the player first in the middle of the penalty court where one needs to take a shot first and score followed by dons the gloves which will fly in air so as to avoid the computer from scoring one over us.

  1. Zombie Shooter

If anyone feels like killing many zombies which is nothing but frightening creatures like aliens. Then here Zombie shooter allows doing as per your wish killing them. The game has a crucial or highest subway fully filled with Monsters and Zombies. So by aiming at the zombies to be killed the game will make an auto shoot by itself. This is a very simple game even small kids can do it easily. If anyone is very much bored and needs to break it then they can try Zombie shooter. Here one can play only till a particular stage and if need to go further then it has to be bought through payment.

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  1. Fractal Combat X

Flight Combat means a war between flights as its name implies. with some top-level graphics and gameplay. Lots of epic soundtracks along with attractive space view accompanied by new missions are available. There is no necessity to hold hand nears your head instead it has a controller as well, so all can enjoy the virtual reality experience in a comfortable manner.

Fractal Combat X is a very popular Android game and it also comes with support for Google Cardboard VR. It’s a flight combat game with some top-notch graphics and gameplay. There are various new missions accompanied by beautiful landscapes and epic soundtracks. The game supports controllers as well, so you can enjoy the VR experience without having to hold your hands near your head.

BONUS: Trinus Cardboard VR

The promotion of Virtual reality games have expired over the past few years but certain apps like Trinus cardboard is trying hard to fill the space by making PC games playable on mobile phones. Now it is possible to connect your smartphone to PC by the apps turning Google cardboard into a steam VR compatible headset.

Trinus Cardboard VR

This is an app name Trinus which permits us to play titles like GTA and Minecraft using the sensors on our device or a wireless gamepad whichever we are comfortable among other titles.


Here we have mentioned few games where one cannot expect PC or Console level of games but if anyone who is looking for harmless fun then they can opt for these games and get a pleasant experience with these Google cardboard games. so all can check them out and if anyone feels something with better google cardboard VR experience kindly let us know through the comment box. We are always happy to hear from you all.

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