Gloomwood Developer Is Tired Of Explaining How The Game’s Fancy Shotgun Works

The developer behind the upcoming Thief-inspired stealth game Gloomwood is tired of explaining how the game’s fancy folding shotgun works to well-meaning fans. We got five minutes of Gloomwood footage back during E3 2021, and while the game looks quite interesting, fans seemed to fixate on one thing: the strange shotgun that the protagonist uses to blow up some bad guys.

Co-developer Dillion Rogers took to Twitter to note that multiple pedantic fans have complained that the game’s shotgun is both break-action and pump-action, a combination that they deem to be unrealistic. In reality, Rogers and fellow developer David Szymanski based the weapon on the Burgess Folding Shotgun, a very real weapon from the late 1800s that was designed for portability.

Besides its commitment to Thief-esque aesthetics, one of the most striking aspects of Gloomwood is its inventory management system, which has the player pull out a briefcase a la Resident Evil 4. Given the limited space, it makes sense that a sneaky character would choose to use the folding shotgun, even if it is a bit loud in comparison to your trusty canesword. For more info on Gloomwood, check out its Steam store page. The immersive sim does not have a release date, and it appears to be a PC exclusive for now.

from GameSpot – Game News

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