Fortnite: Where To Place Welcome Signs In Pleasant Park And Lazy Lake

In the Week 3 Legendary Quests, Fortnite players will be performing a number of actions related to Sunny’s pro-alien movement. One of them is to place welcome signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake. There are 10 welcome signs you can possibly place, but you’ll only need to do four total to complete this Week 3 challenge. Here are all the Fortnite welcome sign locations.

Pleasant Park Welcome Sign Locations

The nice thing about this challenge is the 10 welcome signs are split, with five in each location. That means if you do it well enough, you need not travel to the second location. If your Battle Bus trajectory is more conducive to a Pleasant Park visit, here’s where you can find each of the five welcome sign locations.

  • Outside the northwestern house
  • On the sidewalk along the northeast
  • In the center of the location near the gathering area
  • Along the southwest side of the soccer field
  • In front of the biggest house along the western sidewalk

All welcome signs at Pleasant Park

Lazy Lake Welcome Sign Locations

If instead you’re planning on dropping at Lazy Lake, there are five more available for you to still finish off this challenge in one go–assuming you can overcome other players or AI enemies as needed. Remember that you only need four in total, so even a single location has more than you’ll require. Here’s where to find all welcome signs in Lazy Lake.

  • Near the lakeside garage in the far northwest
  • On the sidewalk near the center north house
  • Near the security office in the northeast corner
  • On the sidewalk near a home on the southeast, before you go down the single lane driveway
  • Near the pool to the south

All welcome signs at Lazy Lake

Once you’ve placed five in total, no matter which five you pick, you’ll have completed your third Legendary Quest for Week 3. This season’s Legendary Quests lean into the story more than past seasons, with a lot more NPC dialogue to take note of. We have a sneaking suspicion it’s the IO, not the aliens, people should be worried about, but for now Epic and the characters in-universe continue to paint aliens as aggressive invaders.

Time will tell what’s really going on, but you can gather clues for yourself with the Fortnite 17.10 patch notes, which include a way aboard the alien Mothership for the first time this season. While you’re at it, don’t forget to look over the complete list of Week 3 challenges and the Week 3 Alien Artifacts.

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