Fortnite: Where To Place Boomboxes In Believer Beach

The alien welcoming committee is throwing a party in Fortnite Week 3, and that means you’ll need to place boomboxes in Believer Beach so they feel appreciated. Sunny is leading this pro-alien movement, but you can find others who seem to approve of the festivities, like Joey, the alien in a human disguise, and Beach Brutus, which is admittedly more intriguing. While we unravel the story some more, here’s where you can find all Fortnite boombox locations in Believer Beach.

Place Boomboxes In Believer Beach

Believer Beach is the hub for the pro-alien movement in the Fortnite Season 7 storyline. With bounce pads featuring little green men, balloons, and several NPCs partying on location, it’s just missing one thing: music. You’ll need to place just two boomboxes at Believer Beach, and there are a total of four within the locale’s borders. They’re well spread out, so pick the two that make the most sense to you in order to complete this Week 3 Legendary Quest. You can find boomboxes in Fortnite at the following locations:

  • Right beside the fanmade crop circle east of the boardwalk
  • Near the outdoor dance floor at the center of the location
  • Near the southwest corner of the boardwalk
  • Leaned up against the pole near the bus and southern white fence

All Believer Beach boomboxes

Remember, any two of these will do, so don’t sweat trying to track them all down. The two in the middle are nice and close by and can help you complete this challenge in a matter of seconds after landing. As always, you’re at the mercy of other players and AI enemies letting you do what you want, but we recommend trying this one (and really most challenges) in Team Rumble.

A lot of players use Team Rumble to complete challenges. It seems Epic was hip to that trend and tried to change Team Rumble for Fortnite Season 7, closing the storm faster and starting with some areas automatically in the storm. Thankfully, even if you find yourself in the Storm in a hurry, you should have enough time to grab any two of these boomboxes.

Once you’re done with that, get a sneak peek at the full list of Week 3 challenges, as well as the Week 3 Alien Artifacts. The former will help you tier-up and earn more Battle Stars for your Battle Pass, while the latter will allow you to customize Kymera even more as the season goes on.

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