Fortnite on Android Is a Terrible Mess

The Galaxy Note 9 was launched two months before, finally achieved into the infinite world of Android devices after an iOS exclusive on smartphones for which looked like forever. During the launch, the game was exclusive to the Note 9 and other Galaxy devices from Samsung, But it was not able to be used in OnePlus and Pixels, which need to wait for some more time to start it.

We have playing the Fornite game in the Android phone Note 9, at initial level itself we felt that the graphics are not so attractive or pleasant maybe it is due to beta and we are sure it will be better when it is played on some other better devices. Now after waiting for two months, heard the game is freely available now and also can be used in any smartphone but it is still a mess.

Fortnite on Android: reviews

All will get a question after seeing this topic why this has been discussed now. Because two months is done after the launch of the game that’s why we are trumpeting now.

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IT’s actually two moths over after the game Fornite is launched on Android phone. We have moved to season 6 from season 5. One of the scenes in the game completed summer Skirmishes and Fall Skirmishes started this season. Weapons are curved and new weapons are introduced and more. Also, two vehicles were introduced in the game at that time. But in spite of it for some reason still, the fornite game in the Android still looked the same nonsensical graphic, low-textured, laggy frame dropping, shuttering mess.

Developing a game for android is not an easy task for sure with the number of available devices. Each phone has its own features like screen size, notch, pixel density, processor and RAM configuration, and other features. But it has enough time to improve the Fornite for Android which we felt in the initial stage of using it. But we felt that time has rushed early to launch the device before improving the lacking features.

My Experience with Fortnite on Android, iOS, PC, and PS4

We are playing the Fornite game from the survival ends of seasons 4 when we are out of touch with the progress of the battle pass, and how each gunshot different from each other. Initially, we were playing it on our Playstation 4 at home then later on the MI gaming laptop during office free hours, and once the one plus 5 arrived started playing it on that. Also we have tried playing the Fornite games in almost all iPhone series such as iPhone SE, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XS, but as a bad luck we were not able to play it on iPhone 5s because it did not have 2GB RAM, later I was in a situation to quit that idea and ended by saying it not done in Android devices.

Playing through the controller is little laziness oriented because we may not have the control over it even though we hate to play but for spending the time I used to connect a keyboard and a mouse to my PS4 get connected to it and play that way. This way it makes us very great playing with PS4. In general, the graphics over the PS$ is more or less equal to that of PS4 and gameplay is smoothly moved. Therefore I personally enjoy playing the Fornite in PC and PS4.

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Fortnite Graphics on PC

Fortnite Graphics on Android Flagships

One good thing about Fornite is as good on iOS as well. The graphics here are simply awesome and the gameplay goes on smoothly for god’s sake iPhone SE supports this game with good gameplay. Therefore there is no reason to expect a similar quality of graphics from the android phone especially when operated on flagship smartphones having 6GB RAM and snapdragon 845 processors. After 2 months it got collapsed that Fornite did not play on the Galaxy Note 9, the Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6(8GB), the galaxy s9 Plus and even other android phones even on the gaming phones like Blackshark.

Not only Fornite on android but everywhere it was not supported even on iOs flagships like iPhone XS and iPhone X, it’s nowhere near 2-year-old iPhones like the iPhone SE

Here we can see iPhones like SE has 2GB RAM and A9 SoC(it’s 3rd generation chipset on iPhone XS) where Fornite plays better than the Android phones like Galaxy Note 9 or on OnePlus 6. It is not because it is a faster phone but it is because the Fornite game is played better on iOS than Android mobiles.

Fortnite on Android: Future Expectation

Usually, 2 months is more than enough for a game to get improved by its efficiency from the day it was launched but even after 2 months there is no improvement noted and it is failed on the Android mobiles. Thing is that we keep on saying it but the gaming company is not knowing the issues faced by the players during they play on Android devices, while the developers are not able to correct it still now. But we are sure that the gaming company will try hard to solve the issues soon on the Android mobiles.

But as of now, it is a big flop playing Fornite game in the Android phones, seeing as the Android ecosystem of devices is a very big mess of Android versions, screen sizes, processor and RAM configurations and whatnot. The gaming company has to make sure that it runs on all devices smoothly. If anyone feels anything to be shared please do share with us through the comment box.

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