Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 Spicy Ramen Coupon Emblem Opens Conversation On Datamining

Bungie Day is an annual event held on July 7. It was created years ago by fans, and Bungie turned it into an official event to recognize the entire community. Each year the studio shares something with Destiny fans to celebrate. This year they’re giving a free emblem, and it has led to some bigger conversations on spoiling secrets.

The emblem is called A Classy Order that references Cayde-6’s Spicy Ramen Coupon, a collectible that players had a hard time parting with when the coupon was taken out of the game when Beyond Light launched.

Bungie didn’t share this news in their latest This Week At Bungie post; it was supposedly leaked by dataminers. Sometimes whether it’s lore, a new questline, or a special event, dataminers will get to it weeks in advance, before the content is in the game or hinted at.

Senior community manager at Bungie, whose Twitter handle is dm04, asked people not to buy the upcoming emblem in his tweet. He explained that it’s a gift from Bungie to the Destiny community for Bungie Day.

In the comments, fans brought up how emblem-sellers sold charity emblems for profit in the past. Some suggested that Bungie should encrypt their data to prevent frequent run-ins dataminers due to their API. While some gamers showed support, others were upset that he revealed the emblem’s purpose.

However, the “emblem-seller” explained to Kotaku that it wasn’t a result of datamining. The seller claims that he received the emblem from someone due to internal leaks within Bungie’s studio. He added that he didn’t know when the emblem would become available in-game, but that mystery heightened buyer-interest.

“People wanted it because it was unknown, something to flex that they had before the rest of the world,” the seller told Kotaku.

Well, Destiny fans now know that they will be getting a Spicy Ramen emblem commemorating Cayde’s love for ramen and the coupon players held onto since Forsaken. If only it could have been more of a surprise.

from GameSpot – Game News

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