Covet Fashion Cheats, Tips & Guide to Get Nominated always & Get Superior

This game which we are going to look in this article is available in both Android and iOS devices which is a tremendously famous fashion game. So here we are today to help you all for getting free diamonds in the game also escort you in the entire game with few Covet Fashion cheats and tips. By shaping you all into a better way.

So we know that everyone loves this game already and we need not wish to waste the time further and we can go directly into the game Covet fashion tips and tricks to help those who are in need. And automatically makes you play better.

We need to tell you that this article is made for those who are beginners in this game and not for the experienced persons if so please go away from this article and search for some advanced articles.

Sign in daily

Even if you don’t wish to play daily, if you sign in daily you are worth to receive 100 free diamonds and 20 tickets as well as. So to get more money for purchasing clothes and items, one needs to gather any rewards you have already got during the tasks and it should be done as immediately as possible. If you dont like to login every day into your account or want more Diamonds/Cash, you can install the apk for covet fashion hack mod for all available android devices.

Control your money cautiously

It is always advised to utilize the money cleverly because when the initial period of the game begins, one will face the difficulty of handling the money because you will never have sufficient money.

So utilize the money for specific tasks you are going to enter or on those already entered is the clever method of spending money on selected clothes. Because if you just throw away the money in form water then it warns you that you are nearing the dishonor and ruin. Because this game in this way is really tough.

Here things will turn much simpler when you are allowed to use the items which you are bought in other challenges, thereby progressing things will turn easier.

The next point which should be placed in your mind is that the reward received from a challenge. So the price of the item you bought for a task should be equal to or worthy under the amount you won.

The small things are considerable

Import point is that one should pay a complete concentration to the details in Covet Fashion. A few points will seem irrelevant initially but only those points will make you winners without losing it like cracking a new hairdo with additional accessories (utilizing them appropriately), doing correct makeup and even the suitable skin tone for a task.
So it is always important to take time and dress up for the function. Here applying the accessories in the right way is an important part because by which one can check the current trends easily and make use of other players’ tips and imitating it.

Increasing your cubbyholes worth

All can crack the accessories, hairstyles, and makeup which makes the cubbyhole’s value increasing minute by minute. One should not go rushing up to invest more money which is not affordable because it can result in slowing down one can raise the value of your closet only by purchasing new things. So we might not know what task is expected in the way so one should go to a situation where they cannot dress up for the occasion.

Be honest when voting

The only method to make the game reasonable is that we need to vote for the correct model in all tasks. So if you choose the wrong models and tick the boxes falsely, all other players will also start voting the wrong model which will end up destroying of game.

One will not gain anything if you choose to vote the wrong look, it is always difficult to achieve the correct look that gets the maximum votes every time and we all will expect we should be the winner always. But this should not be a silly reason for choosing the wrong look by vote.

Friends are tremendously important

In this game, one has to communicate with your friends through Facebook and joining them as your friend is very important because this will lead the model to sustain for a long time. So to make your model sustain for a long time we can even share some things from our friends. So it is very important that we need to add a few friends to those who are active in the game to help us in the need.

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Another important thing than everything else is the Fashion Houses which permits you to lend the items but also permits you to take part in the common Runway Rallies, where your complete Fashion House strives for wonder and rewards. So this is also important that we need to join in such a Fashion house which is always active and has good members to help us to win the prize.

Therefore we are ending our articles here with few tips and tricks. Those who find any other tips and tricks other than these can surely share with us through our comment box and viewers are interested to read them too.

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