Bridge Constructor Portal

About the Game

A puzzle video game named Bridge Constructor Portal was developed by ClockStone and circulated by Headup games is created for android devices. This game is the combination of Bridge Constructor and Classic Portal games. The duty of the player in this game is to design and build the ramps, bridges, slides and other structures for transporting the trucks from one location to another through Aperture Lab. For the beginners, the player has to build these organizations in 60 test compartments and those should be able to withstand the mass of the trucks together with the weight of their own body. This game can be downloaded from this website free of cost. Also, a hack is developed for this game.

Features of the Bridge Constructor Portal MOD Hack Application

  • Downloaded at free of cost
  • Completely Safe
  • supports all kind of Android devices and version
  • APK file is easy for installing
  • IT is auto-updated
  • Not necessary to root our Android devices
  • Ads-free game


The role of the player is to guide the trucks through the bridges and discover the path between the portals and releasing the buttons to open up the doors of the truck. One thing they should be cautious about is they should not be seen by any patrol turrets and they should never get in touch with hazardous fluids or laser grounds. They can make use of the devices like repulsion gel, cubes, aerial faith plates, and propulsion gel to get away from the difficulties and reach the final location securely. It is possible for the players to pick any mode namely Vehicle mode, construction mode and test mode.

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After resolving a chamber in this Bridge Constructor Portal game, it is possible for the players to permit the convoy of the vehicle to go through the same way instead of one vehicle. Because the bridge has the ability to withstand the weight of more vehicles which was built by you. But in rare cases, it is necessary to build bridges even stronger than these. And the roads may turn to be more critical during vehicles move, interfere and cross between each other. Although there are no limitations for the buildings, which are needed, all bridge constituent utilized contains the money value. It is necessary that a player should contain the low monetary value in total as much as possible.

Steps to Install Bridge Constructor Portal Mod APK Hack for Android

Apk file is really easy to install:

  • Click on the Download link below.
  • Wait for the File to download completely.
  • Open the File Bridge Constructor Portal Hack.apk and Install it on your Android device.
  • Follow all the instructions provided inside the App.
  • Start the App and Enjoy playing the game.

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings.

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