Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Live Stream Gamers

In current trends while playing games, it’s necessary to communicate with the team members to achieve best points and complete successfully. So if you are gamer and doing the communication in some sort of app which is not great and not satisfied with service then we are here to suggest few chat apps that will allow your team mates to communicate easily and clearly. So lets see the best 6 voice chat apps now.

  1. Overtone

Another appreciable app for voice chat is OverTone which is used to connect with our friends while playing games. This app is totally based on Vivox which is one of the best integrated voice chat service used in many of the popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of legends etc. These are very simple to be used even for a beginners. This app is a best alternative to Discord and wants to bring this specially to the gamers of the world.

When compared to discord this app does not take up huge space in your system also it is very simple and easy to set up. This app is totally free of cost and most of the voice and text chat features which are necessary is available in this app. Here there is one new option that the gamers can link to people with same taste of playing games and can form a team playing. It is always a added benefit to run the overtone app on a web browser.


Low space required and easy to set up

Comes with social features to find new players and teams with similar taste.

Uses Vivox voice service, which is one of the best ones out there.


Can’t create teams in the web-app

  1. Discord

Here are we are going to see the first voice chat app called discord which is a free service and permits the players to communicate with each other either through voice chat or text chat. Therefore the players need to set the list of contact details of friends with whom they are playing need to communicate quickly. This is available on web also it can be downloaded as a app which is available. As it is available in web it’s easy to the players easily to connect to that web page and start communicating with the players. We have used the discord personally while playing Fornite, CS:GO also most of the gamers utilize discord for communicating with other players while playing PUBG matches.

Here the discord has many customizing offers where it can create it’s own hotkeys and use discord as an in- game overlay. This discord is very useful because there is a continuous communication with other players without any disturbance. One more option available here is we can able to increase or decrease volume to the opposite player which helps us while playing the game. Couple that with low resource and bandwidth usage of discord and you easily have a winner. One need not worry about hacking your server while communicating because discord offers IP and DDos protection. Although discord is in our first list if one is not interested to use discord then they can see few more options available below.

We are here with few advantages and disadvantages:


Free to use.

DDoS protection is available.

We can set the volume high or reduce for our opposite players.


No self-hosted servers

Default codec might not be the best of the lot

  1. TeamSpeak 3

Searching for another app for your game? Then here it is called as Teamspeak 3. This makes use of Opus Codec(which is used in discord) for voice chat, and achieves some really low latency times with it. For controlling and managing their servers This app Teamspeak 3 permits in all aspects. In order to make it simple and esy to access this app gives a remarkably lesser number of features and visual appearance.

The admin can enable the Teamspeak’s AES encryption as it is supported. Other than the users no one else can access of hack the communications inside the server, because it is encrypted safely. One interesting thing about this is one particular conversation can also be encrypted and even encryption can be enabled server wide. Many factors can be customized by the servers like including themes, sound track, designs and much more. Unlike Discord which can handle only small number of peoples in a team whereas in this TeamSpeak app servers can handle a larger number of players exceptionally good. So if games like League of Legends are played by you where it needs a huge groups of players then teamspeak is the best option to check out.


Comes with voice-activation detection for push to talk

Encryption support

Admins can handle more number of people.


UI feels outdated

No video communication

  1. Mumble

Another app named Mumble is always encryption enabled, this is a VoIP application. This is one of the best which is because all the data are always secured safely. Here one can feel only minimum lags while chatting with your friends because it supports low latency audio streaming. One thing which is impressive, makes realistic feel is it supports the positional sounds.

This gives a variety of user permissions, which will be utilized by the servers to manage and control the users on server in all aspect. It is very useful as others in the list because it comes with in- game overlay. There is one new term called “Ice” middle ware which players can make use of it to get additional features such as web interfaces, channel viewers, authentication and many more apart from usual features. Mobile app is being developed by the third party developers.


Supports positional audio


Encryption support


Can be a little difficult to set up

Audio quality isn’t the best

“Ice” middle to get additional features

  1. SteamChat

While playing a game one needs must rely on the voice chats in that case Steamchat is another great source of applications which must be tried for sure. Also it is better always to check out all the other apps from our list although steamchat is installed and running in your PC back ground. Steam chat app is free to use and permits to create our own friends group. When steam supports the feature of PUBG game then what is the need for one to install a separate chat app.

Here there is one option of having pre-made groups so it is easy to share the unique URLs which can be clicked and joined in the group easily. Here the administrators are provided with additional privilege to set some duties for members of the group so that if anyone in group seems to be strange can be kicked out, also group information can be managed and chat restrictions can be implemented. IF one is not having the steam installed in your system then they have the web client in that case to help for you to install.


Supports grouping friends by games

Peoples can join the already made group by clicking URLs shared.

Has a web-client to install the steam

Administrator is given privilege to secure the group members.


Voice quality isn’t on par with options like Overtone

  1. RaidCall

Last app in our list which can be considered to be used in our game chat is Raidcall which is a free VoIP service. This app is very less space occupier I our system is one of the good thing about RaidCall app. We cannot notice any difference in the performance while playing the game. Best thing about this app is it can hold up to 100K users in the same group. Games like Dota, players use RaidCall as the main app widely. Therefore if you are in a game and need to have a chat app then try this RaidCall app.

Lot more features are available in this app like voice recording, noise suppression, poll, announcements. Also this app has a good sound quality. Some of the features are one can transfer files using RaidCall, keep chat records, share YouTube videos etc. it supports themes and emotions for customization. This app can be used simultaneously even when we are watching a Twitch video.


Occupies very less space on system.

Supports up to 100k users in the same group

Great for Twitch streamers


UI isn’t the best

Doesn’t support individual volume adjustments for players


For winning any opponent player game , proper communication is very important and these above apps listed will surely helps you to coordinate with your team members or communicate with the co-players more efficiently. There are people who still use skype for communication, so we are here with few apps to replace it. Therefore if anyone feels we have missed any other best apps, please do share with us through comment box.

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