Best Games Like DOTA 2 for Gamers in 2019

Congratulating an attractive player base all around the world which is considered to be one of the famous games out there, that is nothing but Defence of the Ancients 2 universally known as DOTA 2. This is watched by millions of people all around the world because of it’s world championship has one of the largest prize pools in esports history.

Although this game is progressing consistently every now and then a large number of peoples are stopping to play, Inspite of it like every other game DOTA 2 has a shelf life. Even if you are one among the player who has quitted to play the game and looking for any other similar games which is similar to DOTA 2, then we are here with lidt of best games that you should try.

Those who are already playing DOTA 2 games then you must know that it falls under MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) classification of games. So we are here with few MOBAs that one should definitely try:

  1. League of Legends

One of MOBA game which is not only similar to DOTA 2 but even equally on the top list of DOTA 2 is widely known as MOBA game and it is named as League Legends. Therefore League of Legends is one of the best MOBA game. This game offers a variety of competitions and provides a wide range of heroes to choose from it. There are also tutorials which are available to learn the basics of the game, also the game’s interface is clean and straight forward.

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It runs on the low end Pcs very smoothly is the best thing about it also one don’t need any nominated gaming kit to run this game. It is a good blend of RPG and Strategy. Here one need to bring forward a champion to fight for him/her so you must be a messenger here. Therefore one must use the spells and runes to control the champion and influence it. As a hero it determines how good one can classify the MOBA classifications with their skills. In order to win one can make use of free champions available every week in rotation or buy extra heroes and accessories with in game currency or real money to gain an advantage.

  1. Heroes of the Storm

One of toughest competition is running currently between DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Games like World of Warcraft and diablo with few more titles was developed by Blizzard and also Heroes of the storm is developed by the same person. The game style for both are more or else same DOTA 2 and League of Legends and DOTA 2 but the only difference is it is more newbie friendly. First of all, there are no items or accessories to give you an advantage over the enemy which means everyone plays on an equal level. Pure skill and experience are what separates good players from new ones.

All the heroes from different Blizzard games are brought together into one battlefield. One can play as many heroes and villains like Diablo(Diablo), Sylvanas)world of Warcraft), illidan stormage((World of Warcraft), Raynor (Starcraft) and many other heroes/villains from Blizzard games. Therefore it makes one more happy and able to play interestingly because one can play as per own favorite characters. Over many new elements are found on each map that provides the teams an edge over other opponents. This game offers one of the best MOBA experience in the genre for newbies and veterans alike.

  1. SMITE

Some times one might get diverted and get interested to Gods if they lose interest on heroes and champions from other games. This is a type of game where it brings Gods from different mythologies into the battlefield so SMITE is the MOBA based on God. There is no need of weak hero as one can play as one of the many gods of different religions and mythologies around the world. Here the popular and powerful gods like Zeus, Thor, Loki etc are available in SMITE. This is slightly different from other MOBAs game because it is 3rd person perspective instead of the common top down perspective not like other MOBAs . One can make there god as 3rd person view which gives the experience a little bit different and gives it more of an action game theme.

Some times it becomes boring because everyone takes the same god and the game still needs a little more balance due to few gods that are far superior to others, however if one is very talented then they can choose any god and SMITE your opponents. One can gain advantage over your enemies and give a boost to your god by getting the items at the starting of the game itself.

  1. Arena of Valor

Many have given up PC gaming and also playing DOTA 2 altogether, then one can play some pretty great MOBAs on your smartphone. The new game which is reformed for smart phones more specially like DOTA 2 or League of Legends is named as Arena of Valor. The global version of Strike of kings which was developed by Tencent games is Arena of valor which is very popular in china. This game is also similar to all other MOBA having same construction allowing the players to access variety of Heroes that they can follow and make the enemies to down along with four other teammates on a familiar 3- lane map.

Here Heroes are divided into 6 set roles which is composed of 40 different heroes offered by Arena of Valor currently. They are names as Tanks, Assassins, Mages, support, warriors and Marksmen. Here in-spite of that there is 3 different modes including 3v3 mode for quicker matches and 1v1 mode to help you test out one’s talent against players from the world. If we are already confident on games like DOTA 2 then will know the games control is developed for the touch screen and are fairly easy to pick up. Arena of Valor is a must try for anyone looking for a decent MOBA experience on their smartphone.

  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Another great MOBA game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which is fully developed for touch screen that brings all the great aspects of the group in reach of players who no need to operate a PC. This game is featuring champions and capacities that look like which was found in LoL, and more like a duplicate version of League of Legends all together mixed up to avoid the copyright issues we guess. Also it has most of the characteristics of the League of Legends like a classic 5v5 three- lane like any other games in that classification. It is easy to pick up and master in no time of touch controls, which is developed very well.

One great thing which we admired is if due to poor internet connectivity if you are disconnected from the game for a while, then the AI controls over your character so that your teammates aren’t at a danger because of your poor internet connection. You can join back in no time after reconnecting the system with internet. If anyone is looking for a best alternative for DOTA 2 then we suggest to go with Mobile legends.

  1. Heroes of Newerth

One can choose the Hero and should lead that team towards victory is the theme of Heroes of Newerth. It is all about planning with your teams and then attacking the enemy to kill them. It depends on two thing that is strategy play and team play. One good available here is voice char where one can communicate with your team members and plan the attaching tricks. There are different unique styles available in this game which is based on wildcraft 3 mod: DOTA.

First one need to create a group and recruit group members to become the most powerful force in this game. Here it is not based on individual attacking rather it is based on team and the game play is fast paced . Here one can use 12 playable free characters and you can even buy extra stuff if we need and in- game currency or real money. It always takes time to reach the top stage so always play in ranked mode and earn better ranks and become number 1 player on Heroes of Newerth. It takes time to and need patience to reach that position.

  1. Arena of Heroes

Another MOBA game which is different entirely is Arena of Heroes, it could be well be the first of its kind in the classification. This is nothing but the great blend of RPG and strategy games. Whole team of this game is managed by a single player at a time. Each member of the team will get a chance to control the games individually and makes, moves with them as they see fit. Therefore making the games more interesting because one wrong move can make the game dull. So each move of the game should be very well planned in advance. It’s more similar like playing chess in the MOBA game. For time being it provides 12 playable heroes in the earlier stages. Before purchasing any of the Heroes try making use of the available free heroes in weekly rotation so that one can make a decision before buying. This game rewards tactical play and the best thing is the fact that it’s cross-platform for both PC and iOS.

  1. Heroes Arena

If none of the above mentioned MOBAs grasp your taste then here is Heroes Arena for trying. Another decent option for mobile users. Much like any other title of this list, the game features a classic 5v5 mode in which you duke it out with your teammates to destroy the enemy’s base. Additionally, the game features a 1v1 and a 3v3 mode, which offer faster matches and rely less on strategy and more on raw skill.

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Here also it has 6 different classes inclusive of 20 roster heroes namely Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank and Warrior. Here one can change the appearance of the hero with cosmetic offered during play and the game is completely free to play. Its champion roster is little disappointed while the game works fairly well this will make some of you to be familiar to a large variety of champions.

  1. Vainglory

One can feel strange but another MOBA game called Vainglory is perfect for it’s touch- based gameplay. This is not PC based game rather it is based on mobile available on both iOS and android platforms. One can feel smooth gameplay by playing this game on touchscreen device. Henceforth no one need to be sad for fellow mobile gamers because we have Vainglory to check your hunger for fierce and good looking MOBA games. One may not be having DOTA 2 or LoL on mobile but Vainglory is a perfect game that really stands on the top MOBAs in terms of gameplay and strategy. This is a fast paced MOBA for mobile phones. Also it looks really great and allow you to play it out in a 3v3 battle format.


As per the above games which we have highlighted will be a good replacement similar to DOTA 2 for some times. These will make you engaged for long time definitely. It will be very difficult to quit the game after entering it and playing it for a while so therefore please choose it before starting. Also test them all and select the one which you are comfortable to play and ready to spend some amount on it. IF anyone thinks we have missed any other game then please share with us through comment box.

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