AppNana – A Way to Get Free Gift Cards


There are multiple ways to earn a simple gift card; one of the most usual ways is by buying a product from a physical store and earning one. But through the progression of technology nowadays even the gift card can be earned digitally.

There are ways of acquiring money online, and you can either start a YouTube account or start your very own blogging website. Some of these ideas are great but are too common. There is a huge growth of users using YouTube as their source of income and also the same with blogging sites. But how about through the use of applications?

Average users are only familiar with gaming applications, photo applications, gambling applications and etc. But did you know that there are also applications where you can earn money or gift cards?

There are numerous applications on the internet available nowadays that are offering gift cards. But there is one application that is hit to the masses. The application goes by the name of AppNana.

What is AppNana?

AppNana is a mobile application that allows you to obtain gift cards by finishing small tasks. Once you finished those tasks, you will be earning points. The points can now be converted into gift cards. To cash out a 1-dollar gift card you will need 30,000 points.

The idea of the AppNana is to earn points by downloading several applications such as games. Those other applications will be then interconnected with the AppNana. The AppNana, on the other end, will be assigned small tasks for you in those applications.

For example, in a particular game, for you to earn a point, you need to reach level 10. And once that you reached level 10 you will be earning points. Once that you accomplished all the small tasks in the game set by AppNana, there’s a chance for you to earn 5000 points or nanas.

Is AppNana Legit?

Of course, doubt will never be left out. But AppNana is a legit application with genuine ways to earn money. AppNana is run by a reliable company, and they are paying their loyal members some money.

There are other applications that are frauds, and AppNana is the closest thing to genuine digital money making that you can come across to. Otherwise, you should always be very careful in engaging in online moneymaking.

Nevertheless, talking about reliability and credibility, the AppNana is considered to be a hundred percent legit and definitely not a scam.

Tips and Tricks to Get Free Nanas

Of course, as avid players, we all want to get a move on in earning lots of nanas or points. Veterans have their own ways of accumulating lots of nanas for them to earn lots of money. Therefore, you shouldn’t be left alone, here are some ways that you can use to earn and accumulate free nanas:

  • Open the Application every day

The effort is equivalent to points. If you want to add up some points in your AppNana account then you should put in more effort. The effort that I’m talking about is by logging in to your AppNana application every day.

If you open the app, then you will be getting free 400 nanas. It’s better than a zero nana. Nothing is earned quickly unless it’s illegal. The 400 nanas may not look like it, but it’s a great help for your points accumulation.

You never know, the 400 nanas may be the reason for you to become a successful player!

  • Sharing your Referral Code

This concept is the same as other mobile applications. Whenever a member joins through your invitation, then you will be accumulating more points. This concept is widely used, even in real-world businesses.

The AppNana also adapts this concept. Whenever your invitation was confirmed by a willing player, then both of you will be showered with extra 2,500 nanas to your accounts. Imagine if you got to invite more people to engage in AppNana, let’s say a hundred, then you will be earning 250,000 nanas.

Nothing is achieved without going out of your comfort zone. In the case of the AppNana, you have to go way out of your comfort zone and invite dozens of members to join, for you to earn a bunch of points.

  • Watching Videos from AppNana

There is a section in AppNana where you can accumulate nanas or points by watching videos. There are different sites where you will be watching videos or ads, thus by watching them, you get to earn points.

But there is a certain limit of videos that you can watch only for a day. Another way for you to earn some nanas.

  • Using the AppNana Hack

There are people with special talents that find their way in the hands of luck, thus creating an AppNana hack. The AppNana hack is also an application where you will be entering your referral code, and they will get the job done for you. All you have to do is to select your desired number of nanas.

But you have to be careful in choosing an AppNana application to download. You must download the kinds that are undetectable by the site. If you stumbled down an unreliable hack application then you will be saying goodbye to your AppNana account as you will be banned from using this application.

Some may say that this is a cheat, but a cheat is different from a hack. By using a cheat, you will get easily detected by a system, but through the use of a hack that is skillfully crafted and designed by experts, you are secured and in great hands. Thus, in the process, still accumulating points in a quick and safe way. If you don’t have the patience and time to spend to earn the points, you can always try our all-new Appnana hack apk using which you will get a lot of points for free.

Exhaust all means possible,” a great quote that you can apply to this application. For you to earn or accumulate more nanas quickly, you have to use multiple ways and never settle with only one. Above are some ideas that you might find appealing! Enjoy and earn some more nanas!

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