Alternate Games for Clash of Clans on Android

The most popular game found in almost everyone’s mobile is Clash of Clans. As per the survey, almost all have tried playing this game at least once, so there might be chances that you have also played it. If one is tired of playing this game and searching for any other game similar to this but with different style then this is the place for knowing a few games. We are here with tons of similar games which are new and interesting like Clash of Clans.

  1. Lords Mobile

Here we have a new game called Lords Mobile although it looks like it has got a majority of creativity from supercell’s famous game Clash of Clans, this performs things slightly different that’s why suggesting to go for a try. More like Clash of clans this game permits to build the kingdom and conquer other players, but here it brings elements from open-world role-playing games which is making outstanding. Here there is an opportunity to undertake some raid between player and environment(PvE), taking away the monsters and bosses that come on the map. Therefore, go for a try to Lords mobile which is an alternative to Clash of Clans which can keep you more engaged in the game.

  1. Boom-beach

This game is developed by the same developers called Supercell who also created Clash of Clans. So definitely this game too will have the flavors of Clash of Clans but maybe with more uniqueness which can lead to a completely new identity. Basically, both Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are the same in both these games but when it comes to features Boom beaches give a wealthy and fully experienced than the clash of clans. Here we can create powerful weapons in the advanced world and train troops, not need not rely on the medieval knights and sorcerers. Because no one has access to the new world’s weapons which helps to destroy the enemy. More like Clash of Clans, it is completely necessary for one to defend the enemy at any cost. For gaining extra power we can steal other people’s bases, create structures and strengthen our defenses. If one is loving to play Clash of Clans then this game will also be the best to go for.

  1. Star Wars: Commander

Commander is a game that is similar to star wars, if anyone is a fan of star wars then don’t waste time in thinking and go for a try for sure. Here commander gives you access to lead the troops in the game to the dark side or bright side of the force. We can decide ourself which side of the force you will fight for who can be defeated in the hunt. Always join the side and improve the troop bring the heroes to a level and demolish who comes between us and the victory. There are two options we can either join or fight with the villain or recognizable hero like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, etc. Give the order to your troop for going head to head against the side of the force we hate the most.

  1. Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat is a cross-platform strategy game which is composed of heavily armored troops and which permits to create military force and defend it. One needs to build there own castle and need to be sure that it can be defended well against our enemies. Here the military base is situated in a vigorous jungle and needs to train their armies. there is a need to steal the resources from the opponent and utilize them in improving the standard of our defense team.

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  1. Viking Wars

We feel the Viking wars game is played just like Clash of Clans but here Viking wars bring you back into the world of Vikings where one has to follow the rules of the jungle. The weaker tribes will be stolen and destroyed by the powerful tribes. One needs to take away the attackers and need to defend ourselves against the enemy tribes at the same time need to attack other tribes too so as to collect the resources. Here there is a chance of inviting our friends and gain free gold coins and cashes to expand our tribes. It will be a good boosting by adding more friends.

  1. Total Conquest

This game is all about the king and warriors. This time it has to be proved about our worth and control over the Roman empire. The main intention is to look for a good warrior and king fits enough to rule the kingdom and need to save from attacks. If a player has a tricky mind and brave enough to run the kingdom then give a try to Total Conquest. We can either join the band which is already present or we can create our own. The only thing here is an empire needs a ruler who can prove by ruling the kingdom in a correct way. Conquer your friends land by showing them what you are made of.

  1. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is more like the mesmerizing game which feels better than Clash of Clans not so cartoonish but with a similar strategy. then definitely one can try Dawn of Titans. The game which is similar to the Age of Empires version, offers higher graphics quality, real-time battle controls, and a variety of events and campaigns and unequal kingdom-building features. Here there are some Massively Multiplayer online features offered to join with friends and create unions to take away other players who were controlled kingdoms. this is the reason for suggesting to go with Dawn of titans than Clash of clans which is more detailed.

  1. Castle Clash

Here Castle Clash is completely like Clash of Clans but the only thing which differs is this game provides a little bit individuality in terms of multiplayer. This permits to break down epic bosses and get along with our friends. We need to get some legendary minions or train up our soldiers so that they can fight for us, which depends completely on ourselves. One needs to protect their base of the built castle against their enemy attacks. If anyone feels to look for something different than Clash of Clans then Castle clash can be a good choice for us. This is in the same category with a different experience.

  1. Siegefall

This is more like the above game Rise of civilization, which is a real-time strategy game in which we need to create a kingdom with an army of legendary heroes and then start picking the players from all around the world in single combat. Here we get an opportunity to create a group and team them with friends to go on searching the prohibited city to destroy them. This also helps to introduce the famous trading card games and provides to the army in the battle. IF anyone is looking for a real-time strategy game which also includes aspects from famous trading card games, then definitely go for Siegefall game.

  1. Rise of Civilizations

Usually in Clash of Clans, one has to attack another player base without facing many difficulties and opposition from them during the attack. But here in Rising of civilizations, one can defend the others play with more power and energetically. moreover here the feature of the game is a more determined open world which is occupied by both players and now- players characters at the same time. We can pick 8 different Civilizations, find the land, begin your kingdom and make unions and bring down the enemies all in real-time.

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  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies was the first game that became more famous due to its cute graphics and simple gameplay. Next in line came the Plants Vs Zombies 2 which added complete new elements to the game. We can destroy the monsters with the help of tough as nail plants. We need to grow some plants for letting them beat at zombies horns. Here while fighting against zombies the different plants come with unique abilities. so we need to plan a sketch for planting the plants in such a way that it kills the zombies depending upon the plant’s characteristics.

  1. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Here we are going to see another alternative game of Clash of Clans i.e Total war Battles: Kingdom. This actually has good knowledge and control on maps. there is a good tool in the game which allows the player to create there own imaginations like creating rivers, lakes, and mountains. this makes alteration of the landscape view. Another good thing is this game gives a long time real battle which makes the player engaged for a longer time.

  1. Little Commander WWII TD

Little Commander WWII is a game showing the real boss around named Nazis. this is basically a game to enjoy the action of the 2nd world war in all it’s fame. The main intention is to fix a particular date to destroy the Nazi bases. We will receive waves after waves from the Nazi soldiers but it’s our responsibility to destroy them. Always improve your defenses and hold back your positions against this continuous attack. As this is an Action-oriented game we need to drop bombs and utilize heavy weapons and powerful machine guns to demolish each and every mad soldier.


Here we were with few similar games to Clash of clans as choices available currently. If anyone of the games is selected, downloaded and started playing then definitely we assure you that they will forget about the Clash of Clans. These are with same categories as Clash of Clans but with different taste. So please pick the one which is comfortable and interesting and start playing it with fun. and if anyone thinks anything else can be share with us, please do write to us through a comment box.

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