AdVenture Capitalist

About the Game

AdVenture Capitalist is an accumulative video game designed and published by the famous Hyper Hippo Productions. The game was released for Android devices in 2014 and iOS devices in 2015. The game allows the players to lead a capitalist life and make them invest money into particular products to produce profits by starting with one lemonade stand.

Like any other game, the players reach higher-level when they can produce more money. In the game, the players will get a bonus called angel when they retain their progress and it offers an increase in all products’ profits for the subsequent growth timeline.  The game allows the players to buy props when the new areas of business added to the game.

The gameplay of AdVenture Capitalist involves three places that include Moon, Mars, and Earth. The player starts the game on Earth and it allows you to invest in a single lemonade stand. You will receive the money over time when you tap it.

In the game, when you get profits, you can buy another lemonade stand, or you can as well invest in different investments and try to earn more money. Once you will earn the said amount for the manager investment, then you will automatically run your stand and the upgrades can be used to include multipliers to any venture or investment.
[table id=1 /]Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

AdVenture Capitalist Mod APK Hack

AdVenture Capitalist is a video game that helps the player, learn about money and investments. In the game, you will buy businesses, upgrade everything, and hiring managers to take care of the business. You will continue this until you earn loads of money. But, to get a lot of money, you need to spend a lot of your real money in the game and also you have to invest a lot of money. That is why we have developed AdVenture Capitalist Mod that can help you get unlimited resources, which are needed in the game.

Steps to Install AdVenture Capitalist Mod APK Hack

Apk file is really easy to install:

  • Click on the Download link below.
  • Wait for the File to download completely.
  • Open the File AdVenture Capitalist Hack.apk and Install it on your Android device.
  • Follow all the instructions provided inside the App.
  • Start the App and Enjoy playing the game.

Manual Methods to Hack AdVenture Capitalist

You can also try to gain more money by following the below ideas, but it takes a lot of time since these are manual methods.

There are a few different ways to get this glitch work for you. The first method is you just need to put your phone in airplane mode and shut down the app completely, which means, you are using the double-tap system.  After you put the iPhone in airplane mode, go the time and date setting and set the time as far as you want and open the game back-up. Here, you can collect a lot of money at a time.

Now, close the app, and switch off the airplane mode on your phone and set the time back to normal. Again, when you open the game, the cash will be still there, but, it will not collect automatically.  Now, when you restart the game with angle investor mode, then you will again collect sufficient money. To do all these processes, you have to hire a manager, and you have to purchase them ahead before you lose your money. That is why you need AdVenture Capitalist Cheats that can help you earn limitless money and help you buy as many managers as you want to manage your investments.

Time Lapse Cheat

The Time Lapse Cheat works amazingly well in the AdVenture Capitalist game. If you want to know how it works, then just switch your mobile to airplane mode or just turn-off your cellular and WiFi connection, and then close the game. After that, you can go to your tablet or phone settings and move the time a couple of hours ahead. Come back to the game and it allows you to collect a large amount of currency, also it depends on how far you set the time ahead.

More Time Lapse

There is more to get from this Time Lapse cheat, which means after you come back to play the game and to collect the cash, the first thing you have to do is close the game, bring back the time to normal time and again reopen the game. In this method also, you will still earn a lot of money using the angel investors’ mode after restarting the game. The Twist in this method is you need to hire managers to help you make wise investments and they can help you earn a lot of money efficiently and safely. Also, with the help of the mod hack, you can buy an efficient manager to manage your investments.

The Alternate Method

The best and alternate way is to buy more managers and set back the time backward as much as you want. Now, get back to the game and wait up till the game corresponds to the server. Now, again, close the game and switch to the airplane mode, and set back the time to normal. Again, go back to the game, and check all the money that you earn at the time of the time differences.  This alternative way allows you to do the precise trick without even set back the time and allows you to earn money easily even without restarting the game.

Don’t get scared to reset the game often

After reaching a certain level in the game, you may observe that as you move to the higher numbers of each property, you will find everything is very expensive and you may feel like you are unable to make enough money quickly. All the players will feel this way when they are playing AdVenture Capitalist at a certain point in the game. Also, you will observe that, once you start making more money, the number of angel investors in the game will also increase steadily.

However, you may not like resetting the game, especially when you are at a higher level. But, though you feel like you have to get again, those angel investors that could be a daunting process, it is worth it. The percentage number showed on the page of an angel investor, you will get a part of bonus cash when you reset the game. Also, you have to spend the newly obtained angel on upgrades and also special managers that will reduce the costs of properties and it also displays how much each property can help you make per second.


You can always opt for AdVenture Capitalist mod cheats which can help you get all this money free and it helps you save a lot of time.

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