Please note – We have tried to base most of our maps on actual events but, our mods “Prime Directive” is FUN and GAME PLAY. Not realism and  historic accuracy. Although these are not forgotten.
TGW – Fokker ScourgeSet somewhere in Europe and featuring the Fokker Eindekker and the Neuport 11 “Bebe”. This map is based loosely on the “Fokker Scourge” time period of early 1915 when the Eindekker ruled the skies. The “Bebe” is one of the most famous planes the helped to end that period.
TGW – Xmas 1914 Based on a map drawn by soon to be famous soldier-cartoonist 2nd Lieutenant Bruce Bairnsfather, the map is set on the day before the fateful Christmas day truce, near Messine Ridge
TGW – Marne RetreatBased on the gallant attempt be a group of BEF engineers to stop the Germans advancing by holding one bridge
TGW – Liege. Based on the German advance through Belgium and the attack on the City of Liege with its ring of forts.
TGW – LakesidePure fictional map with the action set around a large lake.
TGW – WoodlandFictional map set in and around a river junction and woods near a small village.
Action Shots We have a growing collection of action screenshots from our mod.

Top Left – Line up showing our new uniforms
Top Right – Eindekker about to be shot down from our Fokker Scourge map.
Middle Left – Taken over Axis/CP base in Bocage
Middle Right / Left – Me in Eindekker being shot down by 2 Allied Morane Saulnier. Bullies
Couple of in game shots of the Etrich Taube. Still waiting for its new skin. We are in need of another skinner


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