Acer Predator RGB Mousepad 2019 Review

Currently the heart of every gaming is none other than RGB. Now a days hardware manufacturers have started holding to blinking lights in just about everything lately because there is no such things as “ too Much RGB”. One of the best example for this is Acer Predator RGB Mouse pad. The price range is $59.99 and it is perfect for it’s name.

There is no chance till early next year or later this year that this mousepad will be a hit, but atleast we had a opportunity to play around it just after IFA 2018.

We got a question in the mind immediately when we heard how about having a RGB Muse pad on my desk top for review. But that’s the answer which we are going to see in this article.

Directly on the box, the first impression which all will notice is about the mousepad other than the RGB is it’s Top surface. One will really different when they see a polypropylene surface which is different from an ordinary mouse.  It has a low-friction finish, and you won’t feel at home if you are coming from a soft-touch surface. It honestly makes me feel as if I am using my mouse on a standard desk, but I personally had no issues getting used to it.

There are two physical buttons which are used to control the RGB LEDs found at the edge of the mat. We can either completely off the light or one can adjust the brightness With the left button or change The pattern of the mousepad is very well complimented through it’s Logo called Acer.

Apart from other mousepads like SteelSeries QcK prism RGB Mousepad(Costing Rs. 4000) has a second textured surface where as here the mousepad has only a silicone base. For a smooth desk full silicone coating on the back will be great. It did not move one bit which was my expectation.

In general after using it personally we feel RGB Mousepad looks great and feels good. IT is of course cannot be used in office due to it’s unpleasant flashy nature. But we used while playing Fornite game for a Victory Royale it was a great time.

This doesn’t mean that this Acer Predator has no disadvantages. Lets see some hardware issues that we would like to pin point out before discussing on RGB.

The important point which has to be told is this needs a cable to be plugged in, by that way we are going to lose a USB port on the laptop or PC.  This could have been avoided like Corsair did on its MM800 RGB Polaris gaming Mouse pad(costing Rs. 5153) by adding a pass through USB port on the mouse pad. But  it is not easy to have all elements in one thing.

People who have generally worked in a large desk space will definitely find it small because it is really small in size. But those who are from limited desk space it won’t be a problem. But we would like to hope if it is available in different sizes like Razer’s Goliathus Chroma mat (costing $59).

There is a RGB strip that runs parallel to the perimeter of the mousepad which was explained earlier. The Mousepad light can be customized as per our wish but in general it lights up in Teal color. Because the RGB strip is capable of producing different colors.

There is one App available to make any changes around the lighting which is nothing but Companion App. Like other RGB enabled peripheral one can get a huge number of different transitions and effects like breathing, marquee, blink etc. We from our choice customized to have a breathing effect for both mouse and keyboard.

It is actually correct and value for the lights because it is nice and bright also the movements are smooth and pleasing to our eyes. If we don’t have attractive desk top then this RGB mousepad will really grab the attentions and do wonders.

Lighting Control

One thing which we liked really is the Predator gaming device integration which is a companion windows app. One cannot decide on the software with it’s name, if one has all other gaming accessories also with same software like mouse, keyboard etc then they all can be managed well together.

The mousepad can be customized with different options through it’s software. Apart from the lighting we can even develop different game profiles and manage them from here.  The profile management feature comes handy when you want to set different lighting effect for different games.

Acer Predator RGB Mousepad Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Durable build quality
  • Braided cable
  • Good Lighting effects
  • Easy-to-use software
  • The light can be turned off or brightness can be reduced.
  • Very smooth movement


  • No USB pass-through
  • No extended size
  • Small in size
  • All accessories should be same for managing the software well.
  • Due to its unpleasant flashy light cannot be used in offices.


As per our opinion we suggest Acer Mousepad is one of the best mousepads that we have ever used. The most important thing which made us to love this mousepad is we can customize our favorite colors and effects by showing off, which made us satisfying and happy.

But this is not available in India currently. The Acer Company has not disclosed the arrival details we do not have the ETA nor a domestic price too. We came to know that sometimes the company will launch the mouse with Qi wireless charging which is in the process now, to wirelessly charge up your devices and wireless mouse.

For the time being one can check out another brand called Corsair’s RGB Polaris Gaming mousepad( costing Rs. 5149). This is similar in terms of price tag but with a USB port, which will enable one to make use of it when we are in a need of ports. In any way if you buy it then definitely it will be happy and satisfying. But before we end please think well whether it is worth buying a RGB mousepad.

Because if yo are a gamer and want to add a bit more color to your setup then it is worth. As per our personal trial usage with this mouse pad we felt it is difficult to go back to ordinary mousepad after making use of Acer mousepad due to it’s surface.  So if you don’t have a cool gaming kit to pair the RGB colors, then we suggest you to save that money and go for a performance upgrade over aesthetics.

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