A Monotonous quick fun game: Pokemon Rumble Rush

There was a time when we were kids and crazy about Pokemon the Pikachu, it was everything to the kids talking about it all day. Main thing was exchanging the playing cards and watching the updates episodes without fail. Now we are giving a try to Pokemon at least once. Our times have changed with new games but our hearts still love the old Pokemon.

We bet to tell you that there was a time many would have spent there lot of time wandering the streets when pokemon go came out, but the exposure around the game has diminished. And that’s the reason we are here again to talk about. Now to take you all back to the old memories we have a new game called the Pokemon Rumble Rush especially for the enthusiasts of Pokemon game.

Pokemon Rumble Rush: A Simple, Cutesy Adventure

Among the Pokemon rumble series Pokemon Rumble Rush is in the fifth installment which was started long back 10 years ago. Whereas it was the first smart phone title launched. So now it is very happy to start another Pokemon game on the Android devices as well as IOS devices.

We have came to know that the mobile game is little different as it doesn’t have a story leading to adventure. We have not tried the any of the previous rumble series though.  Instead it has a coacher who visits different islands, fighting a ton of pokemon, defeating the Boss(Ivysaur, Raichu and other first gen pokemon) and conquering other pokemon in the repeated journey.

There is one Professor called Callie who always pops up teaching us how to proceed further and use the gears which help to improve stats, speed and attacking power of Pokemon. Therefore always start first with Ratata followed by guiding through Professor.

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Back to Professor Oak, there is a chance to send the pokemon to the club which is same like original series. On winning the game in club we can receive the coins in return which will be helpful to enhance the gears and other items.

Gameplay: Tap, Tap, Tap to Catch Pokemon

when we talk about the game it is very simple and goes simple so on. The game is very simple and can be played even by a 3-4 years old toddlers who never even heard about Pokemon. The first thing is to select the adventure mode and the location we need to look for pokemon. So for that one need a guide Feathers which will be earned at the end.

This is not a joke, the selected Pokemon will fight for you and starts attacking the pokemon’s enemy automatically by coming down into the battlefield from hot air balloon. The only thing is we need to tap the screen so as to make them fight. This will be the simplest control we would have heard in a game. Nothing else is required to do in this game. It can be played and completed even with a blind eyes.

Without being eliminated from the game we will have enough HP and there is no need of jumping to escape from the attack, however if you want to escape from the attacks keep moving in the direction opposite to it. Immediately it will move in the right direction by a barrel roll movement. When the player is not in a mood to fight pokemon that comes in between the way of your battles then during that time it also comes as a handy.

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It will be more interesting to play Pokemon Rumble Rush especially in the beginning because of adding a corsage of Pokemon and new members to our team. Here with higher CP same pokemon can be caught and it will be more excited to catch new Pokemon. With guide Feathers we need to aim on finding new locations and more.  One need to invest more effort in random battles to gain guide feathers or to invest money to get Poke Diamonds and this leads to vanishing of excitement soon and one need to move forward in the game any way.

Keeping all aside the pokemon art style is very similar to original Rumble games which will be loved by all. All the pokemon even the new generation one are so cute and small which attracts everyone to cuddle and squeeze them. In the homescreen it all responds with when we pet them and no one can go away without saying an” awwww” from their mouth.

The navigate is very simple and easy to understand also the graphics are quite awesome. The settings are also very neat and not messed up. Everything is very smooth for accessing. The Boss Pokemon is purposely made angry to look and they attack at you the moment we enter its area.

We can find a option called ore on the left GIF attached, which is nothing but something called gears which we saw in the above words. So the ores are the starting point of the gears. Therefore it can be achieved by defeating any other regular pokemon or boss.  Magneto swoops in and picks up the ores for refinement, which can take anything from 2 seconds to 30 minutes. In order to increase the power of your pokemon and gaining gears this is the great way to match the requirement of Boss levels.

As it is a Pokemon game definitely there is a Pokedex available which helps to keep track of the pokemon we have encountered.Even though you have captured it only new Pokemon’s silhouette appears in the Pokedex. So in order to get the information visible we need to capture the same more than once.

As it is the first mobile launched game series, it plays a good attempt trying to give more pokeman fans access to a famous game format. This game is all about appealing entertaining mobile game, which we will definitely spend long time to defeat pokemon( cute ones at), finding new islands on the bulk Pikachu- shaped map and trying to uplift the pokemon in our array to defeat the super Bosses you encounter.

Pokemon rumble rush – battle

Someone who is not a fan of Pokemon Rumble Rush  will soon loose their interesting the game than later. Kids will definitely love this game but the users will have minimal involvement which we felt during our research. May be to pass on time we can spend our mind playing this game.

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